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Automated Number Plate Recognition

Automated Number Plate Recognition ( ANPR) is more than just License Plate Capture. These systems convert the image (picture of the license) into computer data that can be checked against a database. The system includes cameras designed for this application, powerful software that provides consistent and reliable results and a computer (Digital Processing Unit) designed to handle the fast processing required.

Key Features of the License Plate Recognition System

  • These systems include analog or IP cameras designed specifically for license plate recognition.
  • Cameras include integrated pulsed infrared LED illumination system for day and night time operation
  • ANPR system performs equally well with fast or slow moving traffic
  • Provides up to 60 progressive scan images per second
  • Select Megapixel image sensor optimised for Number Plate Recognition in large viewing areas
  • Continuous day/night operation, with high contrast images even in direct sunlight.
  • Complete system solutions for public transport lane enforcement, parking lot and gate control.
  • Integrates with access control system to provide a complete security access system
  • Integrates with Video Management Software to create a complete security and surveillance system that uses IP cameras.

Enforcement Systems, Parking, Traffic Monitoring and more. 

The Bison Security system provides a variety of hardware and software configurations that provide the appropriate solution for different applications of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) technology. The ANPR system is used to enhance security, fight crime, enforce toll collection, compare license plates to a list, provide parking revenue management, provide access control and more. This system can be broken down into four major components: image collection, image analysis, image and data storage and data transmission.

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