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Constructions sites are often the hub for vandalism and increasing attempts of theft. Homeless people and even junkies might break into such unattended sites increasing the potential risk for workers as well as the building materials stored on site. Home Office Statistics has recorded a prediction of losses worth over 44 million pounds per year in UK, just from theft and wreckage of unsecured building sites around the country.

The numbers are too high to overlook the risk for such a scenario for your new construction projects. Securing a building site is also a discerning step that can help decrease your overall project insurance rates while simultaneously bringing down the risk factor for accidents on site. Building site security should always be a mandatory extension when planning your construction management strategy for your new projects. Regardless of the size of the project, keeping these few tips in mind can increase your building site security exponentially.

Security management onsite – Hiring a specialist security firm can ensure that your site is always supervised. The building site security consultant team will be present during off hours to protect the premises from break ins. The team can also manage access to the project site during working hours to keep a recorded detail of all the personnel and guests entering the site when construction is in progress.

Perimeter Fence Installation – Installing a secure perimeter fence can often be a major first step in ensuring security for your building projects. The existence of a strong boundary is an active deterrent for intruders. You can reinforce the message with strict No trespassers signs on fence, barbed wire extensions or even electrifying the fence during vulnerable hours (mostly weekends or off days) for the site.

CCTV Camera Installation – Although, many building managers are tempted by the less expensive gimmick of using imitation cameras, it can be a costly alternative should the intruders realize that the cameras are non-operational. Instead, install working CCTV cameras to keep an active vigilance on your sites. Also, post signs all along the site for intruders to clearly note that the site is under recorded supervision 24×7.

Advanced security installations – Use technology wisely for advanced security management on your project sites. Installation of motion sensors to activate security lighting or an effective alarm system can be your concrete defence against any intrusion during off schedule hours on site. Similarly, you can layer your security with perimeter alarms to avoid a break in or scaffolding alarms to avoid tampering with any of the equipment or tools stored on site.

It is important to depend on reliable security specialists for the protection of your project sites. For assistance with defence strategy or advanced security installations for your building site, click here.

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