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If you’re run a building site, it is mandatory for you to employ security staff for the protection of your site. Security staffs are guard persons who protect your site from all kind of hazards, theft, and attacks. The building sites may be considered more at risk at the time of holiday or at night. This happens because thieves try to break into the site usually when there is no one present out there and no work is carried out.

Security guards are standard option to go for site security for all kinds of crimes as it acts as a constraint to the thieves who have an eye on your site. It has been considered a trustworthy method by building site CCTV security guards for improving their construction site security. But a recent research showed that employers are at a doubt while going with this construction security system as a significant increase in crime has been noticed against security workers.

The above mentioned researched is based upon a recent incident which took place in London, where a security guard was attacked at a large retail outlet by a gang with covered faces outside the retail store, who were gathered there after targeting the location when a cash transfer took place in the very same place. It was very much clear that the gang had advanced awareness and information regarding the security movement and had a pre-planned to loot the retailer in order to get a large sum of cash.

The security guards present over there tried to apprehend the gang but were futile to do so as a result the gang escaped in a vehicle but barehanded. This story definitely disheartens one and all, as no employee wants their staff to be at risk.

If you don’t want to be the next one to put your employee at a risk or assault and violence, it’s time for you to go with the advanced technology of constructive site security system which provides with the all-new robust security services which are monitored, controlled and examine tenuously in order to protect their staff and lessen the risk of crime and violence.

This security system includes elements and tools such as site CCTV security and scaffold alarms, and with the help of these tools the owner of the building and construction sites can relax and feel protected without any worry. They can trust the robust security services and their devices as neither their employees nor staff would no longer be at any risk or their building premises.

Let’s have a brief overview of the site CCTV security, fire and scaffold alarms:

  1. Site CCTV security:
  • Records each and everything 24/7.
  • Can be viewed live on site or later on,
  • It has a controller with can call and request a police in case of risk detection.
  • A sound detector fitted.
  1. Site fire alarms
  • Wireless and hence can easily detect changes.
  • Can locate and re-locate in case site building layout changes.
  • Have heat and smoke detector fitted which detects and rings if there is an external issue.
  1. Scaffold alarms
  • These alarms use advanced radio technology in order to communicate wireless sensors and keypads.
  • Systems get linked to these alarms to get center through a GSM network which is monitored 24/7.
  • These alarms are wireless battery operated i.e. free from telephone lines.
  • Pre-installed wireless video confirmed alarm.
  • Can be connected directly via a text message or a call.

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