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Unfortunately, theft and vandalism of building sites are on the rise throughout the UK with Home Office statistics predicting losses of over £43 million per year. Building sites are easy targets during evenings and weekends as they are left unattended often unsecured. This increase in risk has made it even more apparent that proper construction site security is vital for any building site.

Here are some tips on how to improve your building site security:

Perimeter construction site security systems – A robust high fence around your building site is the first line of defence against intruders and trespassers so make sure that it is fit for purpose. A strong and visible boundary is a clear signal to any one attempting to access your site that you take security seriously in all aspects and may act as a deterrent.

On site security – Hiring security guards has proven to be an effective deterrent as sites are manned during vulnerable hours such as weekends and holidays. Hire a specialist firm that understands your construction site security needs. On site security can also help with access control during work hours signing workers and guests in and out so you know who has access to equipment and can ensure no unwanted guests are permitted on site.

Buildind Site CCTV – The physical presence of the cameras can act as a deterrent, but only when they are visible and working. It can be tempting to purchase imitation cameras but many thieves have wised up to this trick so it’s important to make it clear the cameras are operational to get the full benefit of this type of security. Signs warning that CCTV systems are in place as well as other security measures being in place will act as a warning to potential thieves and should deter them from picking your construction site as a target.

Security lighting – If a construction site is well lit including motion sensitive security lighting thieves are less likely to wish to target our site for fear of being caught in the act or identified afterwards.

Alarm systems – There are a wide variety of alarm systems that can protect the integrity of the site as well as the specific items of equipment stored at the site. Perimeter alarms, for example, help where the site is large and it is difficult to monitor it in its entirety whereas scaffold alarms protect your equipment.

If you are interested in finding out more about the various construction security services and equipment Bison Security are able to provide, or you would like further information about site security such as scaffold alarms please visit or call 02071128767 where their friendly customer service team are waiting to assist you.

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