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Turnstile and vehicle barrier access control

Bison Security Access Control systems can be designed and customized to address the specific requirements of the project. We provide comprehensive access control solutions to suit all requirements:

• Full Height, Half Height, Double Turnstile, on a Base Plate, in a Cabin.

• Biometric Turnstiles may use Fingerprint Readers for Clock IN & OUT

• Time & Attendance for sub-contractors and employers.
• Remote Access to Report Manager from anywhere.
• Health & Safety Compliance
• Environmental Impact
• Project Risk Management
• Project Site Summary
• Contractor & Individual Summary
• CO2 Summary
• CSCS Reports
• Who’s on Site now
• Muster Reports for H & S

Service Integration

Audio and Video Intercom Systems

Bison Security can integrate your access control with intercom system so you can easily identify people and permit access – simple and effective.

Benefits of intercom system:
  • Remote Control – Keep your site construction secure, with the ability to screen your visitors before you even open the turnstile. Allow entry for visitors, deliveries, and even subcontractors. Authorize entry to your site building, even if you can’t be there.
  • Convenience – save time that you would typically spend commuting to your site entrance to let visitors into your site building.

Proximity Card System

Card readers, proximity and swipe, key fobs  access control system provides instant, reliable monitored access to your site. Bison Security offers a customized software with unlimited free client login and advanced features like timesheet, roll call, fire alarm integration,  anti-passback and photo ID card designer.

Barriers for Construction Entries.

Bison Security have developed a complete cutting edge solution for construction sites entries. We deliver a fully automated  solution for the accurate and reliable control of rising barriers to protect construction site against the entry of unauthorised vehicles and reduce the cost of deploying a traffic marshal.

How it works:

Permitted vehicle number plates are managed via a whitelist. When a vehicle approaches the barrier control area the number plate is captured using ANPR camera and checked against the whitelist. When the number plate is matched with the whitelist, the system communicates with the barrier control system in real-time and the barrier are activated to immediately rise up allowing the vehicle through without interruption. The barriers automatically drop down again when the vehicle is clear.

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