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Building Site Fire Alarms

Timber frame is currently a popular system of building sites. Bison’s Evacuator Push Button Wireless Fire Alarm has been designed, built and tested for the construction industry although can be used for all types of applications. Being fully wireless and battery powered makes it ideal for building sites, temporary buildings, workshops, etc.

We have also gone on to satisfy the requirements of HSG168 Fire safety on many construction projects within the UK where audible and visual, manual and automatic means of raising an alarm is required. The list is endless and so are our satisfied customers.

Call points rapidly deployed, and being completely wire-less are easily re-located if the site  building layout changes. We can install internal smoke and heat detectors to these systems to provide additional security to your site property.

Service Integration

Fire Evacuation Alarm Integrity

Bison engineers can integrate a fire evacuation system to an existing wired CCTV security to alert your key holders directly via voice call.

Fire Evacuation Integrity to Turnstile System

The fire alarm system can be integrated to the turnstile system so it will release all locking to allow non-secure egress in the event of a fire event.
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