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Noise and Weather Monitoring for Contruction

Our noise and weather stations can be accessed via a standard web browser or mobile app. It provides live data on all sites around the clock, anywhere. Keep every single project and individual site in your pocket at all times and get a snapshot of your fleet whenever you need. An invaluable tool for the competent site and site manager.

It does not matter where your project is located or how big the site is. Our GSM technology gives you freedom of wires, freedom of unlimited wireless range. We provide:

  • Access live and historic wind data for all your projects
  • Customisable alerts for you and your team
  • Online live dashboards with analytics platform
  • Share information from within the App

Best Of Our service

There are no monthly fees, and no software to install.

Measured and calculated parameters from the weather station are displayed beautifully on an easy to read web page that can be viewed any time from a computer, tablet, or smart-phone using a standard web-browser.


Early warnings allow you to react on time and reschedule your work and material deliveries accordingly


With Bison Security Weather station you can assign work according to weather conditions, reducing the risk of costly accidents, and your team


Forget about fines caused by weather-related delays. Bison Security gives you precise data to justify crane downtime and avoid disputes

Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Bison Security can provide various noise or vibration monitoring solutions, including systems that can be configured to send email and SMS text message alerts when set noise or vibration limits are exceeded.
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