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Experts in all types of scaffold alarms.

We use advanced radio technology to communicate with a range of wireless sensors, sounders and keypads. The system is linked to our alarm receiving centre via the GSM (mobile phone) network where it is monitored 24 hours a day .

We provide:

  • Wireless battery powered scaffold alarm with remote keypads
  • Battery powered intruder with GSM dialler
  • Wireless Video Confirmed Alarm
  • Hard wired scaffolding alarm
  • 24 hour alarm monitoring based on UK’s fastest response control company
wireless scaffold alarms in london

Best Of Our Security Solutions

NO Mains Electricity Required

Bison Security system does not require a connection to mains electricity as it can be installed easily anywhere and the battery lasts for up to 5 years.

NO WIRES – 100%  Wireless Dual Band Technology.

No Telephone Line Required

Activated an alarm signal is sent over the GSM network to our alarm receiving center, where the security officer will call your key holders or guarding company. Alternatively we can set up the security system to contact your key holders directly via voice call or text message.

No False Alarms

Bison security uses dual motion detectors as result both sensors must activate to cause an alarm condition.

Alarming Remotely

The ability to arm and disarm remotely from our alarm receiving centre or remotely from site . Supplied badge reader is designed to arm or disarm remotely using proximity tag from site. The user simply places their badges next to the reader to activate/deactivate.
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