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If you run a construction site or building site on a large scale it is quite likely that as part of your construction site security you employ security staff. Security guards are a popular choice for site security as their presence typically acts as a deterrent to would be thieves who might pick your site as a potential target for burglary or theft. This is especially the case during periods when your building site may be considered more vulnerable to these sorts of attacks such as at weekends and during holidays or evenings and at night. This is because thieves will take the opportunity to break in to a site when it is unmanned during periods where no work is being carried out.

Building site security guards have been a reliable method of improving construction site security but employers are now having to reconsider the construction security systems they have in place after a significant increase in violent crime against security workers.

A recent incident in London highlights the problem. A security guard at a large retail outlet was attacked by a masked gang outside the store who had targeted the location when a cash transfer was taking place. The group clearly had advanced knowledge of the security movements and had aimed to use this to appropriate a large sum of cash from the retailer. The security guard attempted to apprehend the thieves and suffered the assault as a result however the group escaped empty handed in a vehicle which was later recovered when found abandoned nearby.

It can be disheartening to hear such stories as no employee wants to place their staff at risk from assault and violence; but there is a solution. With the advances and development of security technology, construction site security systems can provide robust security services that are monitored and managed remotely so that security staff do not have to manually patrol and are less at risk. Security elements such as site CCTV and scaffold alarms mean that owners of building sites and construction sites can feel reassured that their premises are protected without worrying that security staff are at risk of violence. There may be a concern that without the presence of a security guard patrol that potential thieves will not be deterred in the same way but these visible and physical security elements such as site CCTV are also a deterrent as they make a clear statement that you are protecting your land and equipment. CCTV also poses a threat to any burglar as should they attempt to steal anything they run the risk of being caught.

Protect your site and your staff with remote construction site security systems.

If you are interested in finding out more about the various construction security services and equipment Bison Security are able to provide, or you would like further information about site security such as scaffold alarms please visit or call 0207 1128767 where their friendly customer service team are waiting to assist you.

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