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Building Site Turnstile

Typically the control of building or construction site access by visitors and workers has been hard to control. What is more, theft of items loses construction business millions every year. Bison Security has made a simple yet very effective solution to this issue in the type of a totally self-contained entry system that has stand-alone access control as well as recording software. Bison building site turnstile combines a complete height turnstile to manage the flow of workers inside and outside of the construction site, and adjoining one leaf gate to let tools and equipment in the entry point.

The gate and turnstile are powered and controlled by a computer access control system that is able to store the information of thousands of workers, and recording attempts of entering and exiting. This software enables you to assign access passes with diverse access permissions for diverse classification of personnel. Like for example, guests can be given with cards that are valid only for one day, while construction workers can be given with card that allows admission to the construction site from Monday through Friday. Several diverse levels of access rights are likely, and access card might be void and access times modified at any time.

Bison Security building site turnstile system could be made as well as customized in order to address the exact needs of the project. The company offer a full access control solution to fit all needs and requirements:

  • Double turnstile, half and full height, in cabin and base plate
  • Biometric turnstile might utilize fingerprint readers for in and out
  • Healthy and safety compliance
  • Remote access to manage from wherever
  • Time and attendance for employers and sub-contractors
  • Environmental impact
  • Project site summary
  • Project risk management
  • Muster Reports for Health and Safety
  • Contractor and individual summary
  • Who is on Site now?

What are the Benefits of Bison Building Site Turnstile?

Access Control Incorporation

Our turnstile integrate easily with a construction access control system and other safety tools like cameras to make sure just authorized people go into the facility.

 Enhanced Safety

Our turnstile offer better access control through detecting as well as deterring unauthorized entries. When going into a construction site, door is often the initial point of entry.  Adding a card electric is a common solution. While lock requires or cards needs an applicable credential to undo the door, it can’t control the time the door is open as well as the number of people going inside. Unauthorized individuals could follow authorized workers in the secured door, leading to a common safety issue that is called “tailgating”.

Operational Flexibility 

Our turnstile boost construction operations through streamlining the admission or access process, this allows guard to be effective and efficient with their time. What is more, turnstile is also capable of accommodating an extensive selection of credential readers such as magnetic stripe, barcode, biometric, and proximity. Turnstiles that are equipped with readers allow user to shows credentials to get entry.

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