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Scaffolding is a structure made up of a number of metal poles and planks, and these components are joined using couplers, as well as various other securing devices. Most scaffolding poles are made from either steel or wood, while the framework is usually built using metal, while the platforms that are used for standing on are usually wooden. While some scaffolding structures are fixed, some are mobile allowing you to move them as you need, offering you greater flexibility.

Another type of scaffolding which is used by many building companies is a suspended structure – these are most often used on high rise buildings in order to wash the external windows. The wooden platforms which are used for standing on can be lifted up and down the scaffolding structure as required, and are commonly used on many construction sites today.

Before erecting your scaffolding structure it’s essential that you first consider the safety of the structure, as accidents and falls can cost your business both in terms of your finances and your reputation. Secondly, you will need to ensure the security of your scaffolding structure, as scaffolding which is not fitted with the appropriate security systems, such as a scaffold alarm or site CCTV, leave both the structure itself, and the building the scaffolding is being used for vulnerable to thieves and vandals. Unsecured scaffolding structures offer potential intruders easy access to upper windows, and because of this these windows should also be fitted with the appropriate security measures too.

It is highly recommended by most construction site security experts that in particular, larger scaffolding structures should always be fitted with the appropriate security systems. This is because the extra money you will spend on the security measures far outweighs the costs that can ensure as the result of a burglary.  In some cases, if a burglary was to occur, in the past where this has happened there has been some disagreement as to who is to blame for the burglary- and who is responsible for replacing the property that was stolen and/or damaged as a result of the break in.  Is it the scaffolding company’s fault, the home or building owner? Or was it the builders fault?

By investing in the right security measures for your scaffolding you know that you have done your part to make sure that your scaffolding structure is as safe and secure as possible, so you have that extra piece of mind that the finger of blame cannot be pointed at you in the event of a burglary.

Next, you will need to think about the safety of your scaffolding to reduce the risk of any accidents from happening. Firstly the scaffolding should always be placed on a flat, even surface as doing so gives your scaffolding a greater amount of stability. It also ensures that your platforms are straight and stable, as uneven work surfaces increase the risk of the builders or any other workers having an accident whilst working at height.  Furthermore, an uneven platform can also cause materials to roll off of the platform, endangering the lives of passersby walking past and underneath the structure.

Your ladders should always be inspected before use, to reduce the risk of falling off, and the surrounding areas near the ladders should also be kept clear of debris and clutter too as a precautionary measure. And any scaffolding above a certain height needs to have a guard rail fitted as an additional safety measure too.

And at the end of the day, before everyone has left the site ladders and pulleys should always be taken down and put away so as not to encourage any unwanted intruders tampering with the scaffolding and making it dangerous to use the following day.

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