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Building Site CCTV

How building site CCTV has taken the business of alarms and security systems to a new level

The most wearisome task which a security company has to go through is building CCTV. With the widespread technology, there is a wide range of building site security tools and devices which needs to be used together in order to get the best protection.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. The scaffold alarms

Scaffolding alarms are the most popular and trustworthy site security devices present in the market. These alarms are considered to be best security and protection tool as it detects burglars which tries to enter the building premises. The alarm is built with sensors and instant alarming tools which can easily sense anybody presence in the premises if kept or placed in a prominent area.

Apart from the sensors, it is also built with a feature which shows an infrared beam when there is an outsider. It will also send a signal to the site security monitoring control if there is a burglar in order to alert the watchers or the concerned person.

The main features are as follows:

  1. a) The alarm not only keeps a safeguard at the building but also to the scaffolding structure.
  2. b) The alarm sensors are its main feature as it signals the concerned person, immediately in case of some unusual behavior or happening.
  3. c) It has fitted central monitoring system, which keeps the site security up to date with 24/7 detection system.
  4. d) The alarm is also connected to the building site CCTV.


  1. The building site CCTV systems

The latest and new generation building CCTV systems are mainly connected or linked to the scaffolding alarm devices. As everyone knows, that scrutiny systems are considered to be the most conjoint part of the building site security.

The building site CCTV systems and scaffolding alarm devices when used together, they are noted to be the best and the most powerful site security programs which definitely give the best protection against all the risk and danger. The two are used to prevent a business, company, building and etc. from losses and to protect their tools and equipment as well.

There is basically three well-known building site CCTV systems:

  • The first type is considered to be the most useful and safe because in this system both the scaffold alarm and the building site CCTV is connected to the control system.
  • The second type is the wireless building site CCTV. This type of building CCTV is gaining popularity, as it lacks wires and cables which ensure faster and quick security.
  • And the third type of building site CCTV systems is the battery powered wireless CCTV.
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