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Are You Interested in Having Access Control Readers?

Access Control Security


We will provide complete remote management of your system over a secure, web-based application. We shall duly administer your entire badge dispensation as well as cardholder database, manage door-lock schedules, as well as offer exception/activity reports as and when required.


Our access control readers and solutions will definitely benefit most businesses in industries such as logistics and distributions, where schedules and staffing tend to fluctuate frequently.


Combined Access Control Solutions:

  • Live reports for review and Time & Attendance   Analysis
  • Door  Video  Intercoms
  • Business Photo ID Printing
  • Integration with surveillance cameras (CCTV), intrusion and fire systems
  • Standalone Software  and Cloud managed applications
  • Compatible with swipe cards, smart passes and biometric technologies
provide complete remote management of your system over a secure, web-based application
Physical access on the other hand limits accesses to buildings

What exactly is Access Control?


Access control can be defined as a security technique which regulates who or what can use or merely view the resources available within the building environment. It is the primary principle in security set-up that reduces all potential risk to the business and/or organization.


There are mainly two types of access control: logical and physical.


  • Logical access delimits all connections to system files, computer networks, as well as data.
  • Physical access on the other hand limits accesses to campuses, rooms, halls, buildings, rooms and tangible IT assets.

Why Is Access Control Readers Needed?


In order to secure a particular facility, organizations often use electronic access control systems which depend upon user credentials, auditing and reports, access card readers etc. This type of access control allows an organization to track employee access to restricted business locations as well as proprietary areas, for example, data centres.


Some systems include access control panels so as to restrict unregulated entry to rooms and buildings. It has alarms as well as lockdown capabilities that prevent unauthorized access.

access card readers fitted on speed gate half height turnstile

Want to implement access control readers into your business?

access control reader granting entrance to the building

Contactless Card Access Readers

Convenient, Fast and Reliable solutions


The card reader brands we incorporate in our products are all robust, affordable, and easily integrate with all of our access control systems.


Our standard provision involves a reader which ensures a fast, convenient as well as a reliable solution using either regular credit-card sized cards, printable or pre-printed, or perhaps even heavy-duty fobs attachable to the employee’s keyring. The cards can even be presented to the reader while still being inside the employee’s wallet or some other covering.


Contact specific access control readers manufactured by HID Global have long been a popular option for according physical access control. With non-contact 125 kHz RFID technology incorporated, HID Prox readers are highly affordable, integrating seamlessly with access control systems, and allowing for the use of multiple factors, such as smart cards, fobs and tags.

Seamless Integration

Contactless Face Recognition Readers


Face Recognition systems have obviously become far more rampant. If you’re not already familiar with a biometric security system, here’s what you should know: it is a type of security authentication which uses the unique individual characteristics of a person, like fingerprints, voice pitch, facial features, or the iris/retina pattern of the eye.

How You Benefit from Face Recognition Readers:


  • Contactless recognition prevents the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Only registered users with required permission hold the ability to enter certain areas.
  • Necessary for workforce management and timekeeping
  • Boosts building security and staff safety
  • Reduce costs on producing, maintaining, upgrading and assigning access cards
  • No pin number needed, hence the fear of codes copied removed.


Multispectral Imaging is a technology trusted by millions of users. Using multiple light spectra and advanced polarization techniques, readers capture an image of the face and the iris at the same time to capture crystal clear images every time. The sensor also identifies whether the face being read is authentic or not.

face recognition reader for access control
building access using smartphone and smart watch

Smart Building Access Readers

Door access control via SmartPhone


Different from ‘smart locks’,  door access gets supercharged allowing your existing door tech to unlock from your phone immediately.

Door access control is specifically designed to remain quick and simple for usage. This obviates the need for key tags and cards and all the hassle with associated costs. Instead, users can gain instant access through their smartphones or other smart devices.

Key Features of the Door Access Control Readers:


  • Customize Virtual Visitor Passes – Whether you are going to throw an event or are expecting a tradesperson, you can issue either a one-time or a time-limited Visitor Pass directly.
  • Faster Access Granting – Bison Security Ltd accepts native NFC on Android and iPhone, hence that means unlocking is quick and simple.
  • Onboarding – Forget about running to reception every time you need to find a new key card. With Bison Security, all you would need to do is send an email address for effortless, efficient onboarding.
  • Open Hours – Customize schedule your doors to unlock and relock on their own. It’s efficient for busy office events.
  • Audit from any place – Simultaneously manage all your sites from any place and on any device, with real-time activity logs available round the clock on the web.
  • Environmental Benefits – There are practical environmental benefits to be gained from Bison Security Ltd’s Door Access Control Readers.  Existing hardware reused and plastic cards/tags become obsolete.

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Future Proofed Access Control Software

We guarantee your investment is future-proofed. By choosing the right access control manufacturers, adding extra doors as your requirements change couldn’t be easier – modern readers are designed to be cost-effective and software updates are free-cost.

Customized Access Permissions

We set you in control of your access security. Each door opening and token is at your fingertips via your access control software – restrict access control readers, open doors and gain access to in-depth reports all from one place. Even if your firm is spread across many buildings they can still all be controlled from your business main hub.

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