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How your business can benefit from a complete surveillance system?

Business Surveillance Cameras


You can now protect your business from un-checked break-ins and with our comprehensive CCTV solution. No matter what the scale of your business, a robbery can cause irreparable damage to your business. Therefore, installing CCTV surveillance cameras are one of the best ways to shield your business from damage due to break-ins.


Our Certified Personnel with years’ worth of experience shall help you install, upgrade and maintain a wide array of CCTV solutions according to your budget, needs and convenience; whether your scale is that of a large enterprise or a more local platform, we have something for everyone!


Our range is as wide-ranging to include simple camera installations for small offices to much more complex corporation friendly video surveillance systems that cover large campuses. We offer interior as well as exterior security camera systems specific to your business type, video management software and onsite footage storage from top surveillance security brands.

Installation of CCTV surveillance cameras
Business surveillance camera system recording

The Benefits Of Our Surveillance Camera Systems


  • Inspect and record real-time activity– Surveillance camera system can not only help you inspect activity in the campus under surveillance but also record and review important events all the while helping you keep an eye out for an intruder.
  • Live stream– Inspect all important activities at your business site, even when you’re physically away!
  • Receive immediate alerts– Our security systems equipped with motion detection will send you immediate notifications at any possibility of suspicious activity.
  • Availability of cloud-based recording– Safe, round the clock cloud recording obviates extra hardware and allows access to live as well as recorded video clips.

To gain extra insight into CCTV surveillance cameras we can offer for your business’ security

View surveillance cameras real-time via smartphones

Cloud Cameras Recording

View surveillance videos real-time

The Bison Security Video Cloud Recording is a fully managed cloud video surveillance solution, delivering a comprehensive video management system which is simple to install and easy to use.

With our systems, you can watch all that is happening in your office, business, or store via your smart devices. You can use the cloud-based surveillance system to watch real-time video footage while listening to the camera’s audio stream.

Surveillance monitoring advantages include:

  • Local management
  • Motion detection
  • Cloud camera trouble alerts
  • Cloud management
  • Immediate alerts
  • Round the clock video access with multi-watch mode
  • Manually set critical alerts

The Latest technology of surveillance cameras

This is a form of video encoder solutions

  • If you have an analogue based security system, Bison Security can help you upgrade.
  • IP based CCTV  security systems are simply better for your business. They are much faster, easier to handle and less expensive as the signals run through an existing IP network.
  • Video encoders provide you with the benefits of a live video recording, along with a platform where you can expand as well as update your existing infrastructure with software, network cameras, and storage devices.
  • A video encoder typically connects with an analogue video camera and then converts analogue signals into digital streams. These are then sent to an  IP-based network, typically LAN, internet or the intranet. It converts an analogue video system into a larger network-based video system which enables users to watch live feed with a Web browser or a video management software on their devices
  • The Network Video recorder, on the other hand, is easy to install with a reliable HD solution well adaptable for a wide array of network instruments. The recorders come equipped with all requisite software including all video management software licenses.
  • The recorders can be used as either stand-alone stations for office purposes and rack servers in server rooms.
surveillance control and monitoring centres

Remote monitoring centres:


We provide all our clients flexible surveillance system control and monitoring alternatives. Our integrated self-service app features are complemented by our professional alert system combined with an intuitive response system all managed from our Alarm Receiving Centre.


We monitor the following:

  • CCTV surveillance systems
  • Intrusion
  • Fire outbreaks
  • Personal security attack
  • Individual worker alarms
  • Entire management systems for buildings

Are you interested in having a business CCTV system? Ask a question regarding CCTV surveillance cameras now.

Featured Our Security Projects

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  • Commercial
  • Construction
Temporary CCTV camera installed on the post

Barham Temporary CCTV Hire

Temporary CCTV rental system after two breakings and vandalism on-site at Barnham lodge development. They asked for the CCTVs to be checked with the police present, just if they confirmed an intruder was on the site.

temporary fire points installed on the movable trolley

Temporary Evacuation Fire Points London

Designed and installed of temporary evacuation fire points that elevate safety and compliance during the construction process.

scaffolding alarm quotation for jewellery shop in Norwich

Jewellers Scaffolding Alarm Norwich

A video confirmed scaffolding alarm that makes it easier to see where intruders are during an incident.

Site security solution provided to the empty building in london

Fox Lane Vacant Site Security London

The main contractor contacted us to provide vacant site security. We installed a void CCTV alarm on the empty property for full coverage to stop squatters.

Church Scaffold Security Solution Chosen after Consultation and Site Visit

Staple Church Scaffold Alarms Kent

We were tasked with enhancing the church's scaffold alarm security and preventing unauthorized access via the scaffolding systems. Remote monitoring and incident alerting system.

two fingerprint reader are mounted on half-height turnstile

Randalls Biometric Half Height Turnstile Uxbridge

We installed the biometric half-height turnstiles designed to control access across various entry points on the construction site at Randalls development.

Quick Scaffold Alarm fitted at Hippodrome Casino London

Hippodrome Casino Scaffold Alarm London

The custom scaffold security system included a monitored GSM Dialer through NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre with emergency response.

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