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Intelligent Business CCTV Security

Built into our intelligent Business Smart Security Camera System, is London’s most advanced video analytics, proven by thousands of customers across the UK.

Our intelligent video HD CCTV system offers sophisticated, but easy to use features that you can actually use it everyday. It comes with unique features that will increase your business efficiency and gain intelligence from video. It’s a fast search, reliable and intelligent video management platform. It has the fundamental features for to be qualified for enterprise level of service, and features to save time and money and fast return of investment. Please read more to see how will the enterprise HD CCTV system will helping your business.

Business Smart Security Camera System

Our facial recognition CCTV system, let you capture faces, index faces, search similar faces and use them to generate alerts.

Count people that entering and exit your door, give you inside of information for store performance and automate staffing.

Capture your POS transitions, relate these data to your CCTV video footage, let you search video footage on you POS keywords.

Monitor customer line up across different locations, automatically generate email and paging alerts if assistance is need. Design for any stores to improve customer activity experience.

The license plate recognition camera can capture license plate image and recognize numbers, so the video CCTV camera system can easily bring up the footage on the plate number provided.

Tracking and searching your CCTV footage base on their colour, speed of travailing, size and direction. By searching security camera footage with specifics, you can find more evidence and shorten your investigation time.

Business Security Camera System

  • CCTV for Retail

  • CCTV for Industrial Estate

  • CCTV for Petrol Station

  • CCTV for Warehouse

  • CCTV for Hotel

  • CCTV for Shops

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