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Construction site security systems

What are the different possible avenues for CCTV surveillance options in a construction site security system?

Construction site security systems are primarily used for protecting a particular area or building from robbery and other crimes. Companies who are involved in construction building, it becomes their necessity and an internal factor to have construction security system installed in the construction premises. In order to keep the area or the building safe and protect from all theft, construction site security programs should be installed at every such place which undergoes constructive task and etc.

Scaffold alarms being a major part of construction site security systems, CCTV surveillance systems are an effective tool for capturing the culprit. Surveillance systems scrutiny the event and the surrounding clearly and very closely.

Let’s have a look at the top possible avenues CCTV surveillance options in a construction site security system:

  1. Fences and lock

The most common, and cheap precaution that could be taken against the intrusion is mostly forgotten or neglected by construction sites. Fences and lock! The two word my seems less powerful but plays a very important part in protecting and safeguarding a building. Fences are relatively cheaper than other things present in the site area.

Fences are the boundaries which surround the construction site which gives a clear and clean signal that any outsider is strictly prohibited in the area. But are fenced unassailable? No, of course, not. They can be climbed and can be cut down too, but as it is said, “for better is half a loaf than no bread.” And in the same manner, fences offer an obstacle for any theft or robbery.

Whereas locks would be enough, even the basic ones to prevent the theft and securing all the important data, tools and equipment. As the technology is expanding it would be better to choose the electric look mechanism which uses key cards or code lock and increase the overall security.

  1. Lighting

Thieves and other burglars usually enter in, at night, i.e. it is dark. Hence, there should be enough lighting to prevent crime from entering.

  1. Alarms

Alarms such as audible sirens, sensors, flashlights should be installed and fitted at a construction site in order to catch a criminal red-handed. Which are specially designed to catch a person immediately without them even knowing.

  1. Video surveillance

To keep a constant eye on your building or property video surveillance are the best tool. This device watches over your entity with proper noting and evaluating threats as and when they appear. All the unusual activities can be noted even by an offsite monitoring.

Monitored or non-Monitored versions of the CCTV surveillance systems

Construction site security with the use of the CCTV surveillance systems are of two types:

  • Non-monitored programs – only record the event on site as and when they happen and does not send out aid.
  • Monitored programs- give immediate reports and responses in case of sensor alert and breach.

The need for either of them depends on the company or the construction site as the camera surveillance systems are mainly installed to deter crime.

Factors influencing the installation of camera surveillance or measures of their helpfulness:

  1. a) Deterring theft, robbery or entry of burglars in the building or construction premises.
  2. b) Increasing public perceptions of safety.
  3. c) Stopping the burglars from doing the theft again.
  4. d) Protecting the building from theft or robbery.
  5. e) Safeguarding tools, equipment, and other important data or papers from getting stolen.

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