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Are you looking for a supplier to install construction security?


Construction projects are usually a complicated and expensive investment. Nonetheless, one of the most crucial factors that facilitate their successful completion is robust construction site security solutions.

monitoring construction security over the mobile phone

We offer top-tier high-quality construction security installations as our standard package, including the most advanced site video solutions on the market.

Stand-alone record only or fully monitored from static cameras through to fully functional 360 domes with tannoy ( PA) system or external sensors.

  • Securing your materials, tools and site machines
  • Deterring potential thieves and intruders
  • Monitoring activity and construction progress
  • Saving money by preventing liability suits or workers’ compensation claims

Benefits of High Definition Construction Cameras:

  • Fluent Image Quality – High Definition feed is the best method to capture detail such as face recognition and number plates.
  • Wide Angle Coverage – A single construction camera installation can easily cover the same area you would need up to four analogue cameras, giving you a cost-effective solution with crystal clear footage from a single site camera.
  • Remote Servicing – friendly Remote CCTV App, you can access your HD video feed directly from your phone device anywhere, and at any time.

Do you want to learn about protecting your construction site?


Bison Security is a leading UK security systems firm that provides end-to-end CCTV security cameras systems and services. We specialize in planning and custom design, installation, configuration, repair, and maintenance of construction site CCTV systems.

Our high-quality CCTV construction site systems can allow you to monitor your project through live video feeds, as well as generate a time-lapse video of your project’s progress to completion. What’s more, it effectively helps you monitor everything and everyone within your site.

We offer our installation services at reasonably competitive rates, with our systems guaranteeing better value at a lower price than customary security guards.


Experts in all types of scaffold alarms, Bison Security, offers an extensive security site treatment like no other. Reputed for stocking the best scaffold alarm systems in the market, we install top-grade scaffold alarms that utilize dual-tech beam detection zones to detect intruders effectively.

Bison scaffolding alarm systems are designed with such precision that they will immediately alert you, your security personnel, or a designated NSI graded Alarm Receiver Centre.

Our team of experts can also integrate your construction site to the dedicated remote CCTV monitoring system to further boost your security level.


Reinforce your building’s physical security and attain total control over the flow of entry courtesy of our extensive range of world-class turnstile access control solutions. Whether you need modern optical turnstiles, swing-arm, waist-high, or even full-height, Bison Security has the ideal security solution to satisfy your unique physical access control needs.

The data reports generated by site access control system are powerful and crucial to site management.

A leading UK-based security system installer, our vast expertise, and experience in access control system services allow us to provide and install state of the art security solutions for enduring performance in high volume site environments.


Comply with all onsite fire regulations safety by installing our modern fire alarm systems. At Bison Security Ltd, our commercial building fire alarms are designed to offer construction teams with a reliably simple means of emergency communication.

We offer a Wireless Evacuator Push Button Fire Alarm exclusively designed and tested to suit construction industry applications. Besides fulfilling the HSG168 UK Fire safety requirements, our fire alarms are battery-powered and completely wireless, rendering them ideal for temporary buildings, construction sites, workshops, and so many other industrial applications.

What’s more, even after installation, their wireless state allows you to easily re-locate the fire alarms in case of a site layout change. Our experts can also install internal heat and smoke detectors to these alarm systems to offer your building site additional security.


Want to view every step of your construction project’s progress and development on-line from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop no matter your location? Bison can make it happen! With our time-lapse service, you can keep chronological documentation of your construction site project in high-definition video quality.

Our team of experts can install and help you integrate a time-lapse system to help you keep tabs on targets and the development of any construction project, and offer you clear quality evidence of the completion time of the project.

Furthermore, installing this unique construction security system means that you can also watch even the most complex fine points of the site venture to ensure that your building project stays under budget and in time.


Bison Security offers you the most proactive and comprehensive quick emergency response and technical support services available. Upon activation, we are instantly informed of the alarm location and type and a full site patrol is then performed.

Our 24-hour Emergency Response units are designed not only to safeguard your property against intrusion but also prevent the invasion before it happens!

Get in touch for more information about a complete construction security systems.

Our Work in Different Industries

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  • Construction
Temporary CCTV camera installed on the post

Barham Temporary CCTV Hire

Temporary CCTV rental system after two breakings and vandalism on-site at Barnham lodge development. They asked for the CCTVs to be checked with the police present, just if they confirmed an intruder was on the site.

temporary fire points installed on the movable trolley

Temporary Evacuation Fire Points London

Designed and installed of temporary evacuation fire points that elevate safety and compliance during the construction process.

scaffolding alarm quotation for jewellery shop in Norwich

Jewellers Scaffolding Alarm Norwich

A video confirmed scaffolding alarm that makes it easier to see where intruders are during an incident.

Site security solution provided to the empty building in london

Fox Lane Vacant Site Security London

The main contractor contacted us to provide vacant site security. We installed a void CCTV alarm on the empty property for full coverage to stop squatters.

Church Scaffold Security Solution Chosen after Consultation and Site Visit

Staple Church Scaffold Alarms Kent

We were tasked with enhancing the church's scaffold alarm security and preventing unauthorized access via the scaffolding systems. Remote monitoring and incident alerting system.

two fingerprint reader are mounted on half-height turnstile

Randalls Biometric Half Height Turnstile Uxbridge

We installed the biometric half-height turnstiles designed to control access across various entry points on the construction site at Randalls development.

Quick Scaffold Alarm fitted at Hippodrome Casino London

Hippodrome Casino Scaffold Alarm London

The custom scaffold security system included a monitored GSM Dialer through NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre with emergency response.

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