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Are you aware that remote site CCTV monitoring is a vital aspect for adequate property security?


Using our state of the art off-site CCTV camera monitoring & response services among other security systems, we offer complete real-time loss prevention remote site security solution.

Remote Site CCTV Monitoring


Remote site CCTV monitoring means viewing and monitoring CCTV footage through links and an active internet connection from a different place/location. It is a distinctly proactive security measure that is solely purposed to prevent damage and loss before from happening.


With remote site CCTV surveillance, property owners can now receive real-time support in duress situations and effectively prevent loss and damages through early detection and instant warning.


Remote construction site cameras are very competitive and better value than a traditional security guard.


Secure the area through constant surveillance monitoring of what is going on and who comes and goes into the site.

360 camera monitoring works on site
site camera monitoring construction plant

How It Works


Bison Security provides 24/7 full-time surveillance from our dedicated CCTV control room. A live video is instantly dispatched to our control room when an event triggers the system. With our 24/7 availability, the video is monitored continually and remains active in our control room alerting the controllers of any activity on a site.


After the system is triggered, the camera view instantly turns live in our control room where the activation occurred, and we take appropriate action. Moreover, through strategically-positioned construction CCTV cameras, we can effectively observe the guards on-site to ascertain they are always alert and all on the job.

Remote Site CCTV system includes:

    • Network Video Recorder
    •  HD IP Cameras with  Dark fighter  technology
    •  Footage Surveillance Optimised Hard Disk Drive.
    • Cables required to install cameras direct to NVR.
    • HDMI cable to connect CCTV  recorder to your TV/monitor
    • Network cable to connect to site router / broadband connection
    •  Mouse Control
    • Set up of Mobile Viewing Applications for remote live viewing.
    • Aftercare support

No electricity, no signal, no worries!


We also understand that on some remote job sites, power lines sometimes haven’t been set up yet. We offer battery-powered CCTV alarm that eliminates the need for a hardwired power source and therefore will still keep your construction perimeter secure. Our customized security solution is designed to monitor your construction site from beginning to end.


Construction Site CCTV Hire or purchase options available.

Learn more about the services of remote site CCTV monitoring


CCTV System With Analytics Detection

Bison Security offers a wide array of IP surveillance CCTV cameras to afford an all-inclusive site security service solution. Thanks to revolutionary technological CCTV advancements, we now offer refined analytics detection services. Courtesy of our hard-wired IP CCTV camera surveillance tools integrated with self-learning analytics technology (analytics detection), we can effectively reinforce your current site camera system.

Our IP CCTV camera system combined with analytics detection technology operates in conjunction with our 24/7 remote site CCTV surveillance system to keep your business secure at all times. Our system learns the entire site setting, detects any unusual activity, and assesses potential dangers.

Wireless Battery-operated CCTV

Construction site CCTV solutions are designed to safeguard your premises from intruders. We offer you a customized security solution designed to monitor your premise from start to end. Our CCTV Systems provide the utmost convenience since they continue operating even when there is no signal or no electricity.

With our innovative wireless, battery-powered CCTV security system,   building site CCTV solutions effectively eradicate the necessity for a hard-wired power source. This way, we still ensure the safety of your property.

Mobile APP for Remote Servicing

Bison Security provides ground-breaking remote surveillance services designed to promote continual monitoring of the security state of your property, anytime, anywhere!

We offer complimentary mobile security surveillance apps that allow you to watch and manage your security tools and system right from your Smartphone. With our remote servicing mobile app, you can view multiple surveillance cameras simultaneously, watch recorded videos and images, playback events, and watch your archived footage and so much more without needing to be on construction site.

Key Holding & Emergency Response 

Allow us to oversee your property when you are not around courtesy of our exclusive Key Holding & Response services. In the event of an emergency or alarm, Bison Security will immediately deploy trained response riders and the area police to handle it quickly, competently, and confidently. Comprehensive external and internal checks and patrol will re-secure your premises or alert and collectively work with the key holder or relevant authorities.


Bison security stands out for our ability to respond to all emergencies or alarms swiftly and within the shortest time possible. With our professional response service team working in conjunction with local police, we promise to respond to any incident professionally and quickly, successfully eradicating any potential risks to you and your personnel.  We perfectly understand the significance of immediate response and action as sheer seconds may be the difference between avoidance and tragedy.


We will handle the whole call out process to the end, only bothering you, when necessary.


Integration of Time-lapse Camera 

Enjoy simplified, convenient, and complete access to your construction site security system with our integrated surveillance platform. This state of the art system integrates up to date time-lapse camera with monitored CCTV camera.


By combining these security tools with your remote site CCTV system, Bison Security helps convert your otherwise stagnant post-event authentication security system into a uniquely interactive, real-time damage prevention security tool, competently monitored remotely. Moreover, time-lapse camera integration enables us to monitor and mitigate alerts and security threats generated by several devices and security technology operating in unison.

Do you want a comprehensive remote site CCTV system installed? Get in touch with us for the best site security solution.

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Barham Temporary CCTV Hire

Temporary CCTV rental system after two breakings and vandalism on-site at Barnham lodge development. They asked for the CCTVs to be checked with the police present, just if they confirmed an intruder was on the site.

temporary fire points installed on the movable trolley

Temporary Evacuation Fire Points London

Designed and installed of temporary evacuation fire points that elevate safety and compliance during the construction process.

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Jewellers Scaffolding Alarm Norwich

A video confirmed scaffolding alarm that makes it easier to see where intruders are during an incident.

Site security solution provided to the empty building in london

Fox Lane Vacant Site Security London

The main contractor contacted us to provide vacant site security. We installed a void CCTV alarm on the empty property for full coverage to stop squatters.

Church Scaffold Security Solution Chosen after Consultation and Site Visit

Staple Church Scaffold Alarms Kent

We were tasked with enhancing the church's scaffold alarm security and preventing unauthorized access via the scaffolding systems. Remote monitoring and incident alerting system.

two fingerprint reader are mounted on half-height turnstile

Randalls Biometric Half Height Turnstile Uxbridge

We installed the biometric half-height turnstiles designed to control access across various entry points on the construction site at Randalls development.

Quick Scaffold Alarm fitted at Hippodrome Casino London

Hippodrome Casino Scaffold Alarm London

The custom scaffold security system included a monitored GSM Dialer through NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre with emergency response.

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