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How Remote Time Lapse Camera Can Help You Improve Your Project?


Using Bison’s time-lapse camera installation service allows you to keep historical documentation of your entire project in 4K quality filming video. Our time-lapse system allows you to view the most intricate details of the job.

What Sets Us Apart


  • We have used our experience in delivering quality time-lapse solutions, and have designed and developed a bespoke camera system.
  • For your project this means we can monitor camera performance daily, and remotely adjust settings to match stages of your project.
  • Our system is fully integrated with professional cameras and lenses to ensure the highest quality results from first click to final video production.
  • We believe our systems provide unrivalled value, efficiency, and reliability.
  • No location is out of reach, we regularly build camera systems for remote locations, without power and data/mobile reception.
  • We install the time-lapse system for you from start to finish. That includes a full edited film to your requirements, using dedicated post-production software to offer great results.
time lapse camera installation on scaffolding structure
Axis bullet time lapse camera mounted on the building overlooking construction

How We Install a Time-Lapse Camera?

  1. We use professional cameras and lenses within our time-lapse systems for the highest possible quality. This means we can capture your site well above HD quality, with zero distortion, day and night. Brackets and mounts required to position the camera (up to a height of 1m) is included within the price.
  2. The time-lapse camera will be mounted strategically on the tower crane or any other proposed location to provide an aerial view of the construction site.
  3. Power supply (a 110v or 240v socket) and safe access equipment (cherry picker or scissor lift) that might be required to reach the camera position.
  4. The data network cable will be run from the camera to the proposed time-lapse monitoring equipment. The system comes in IP65 Rated box with the locks. The control box sends power to the camera over a supplied Ethernet cable.
  5. After the installation process, the field of view will be confirmed with the client.
  6. The remote camera connection login details will be provided to the client.

Learn More About Construction Time Lapse Camera Effectively

How We Make a Time lapse video?


The camera will capture images every 10 minutes then automatically sends them to our in house VPN secured server. At the end of the project, we will produce a 3-6 minutes time-lapse video edited with your logo and choice of background music for you or your clients use.


Time lapse video clip can be delivered in two ways:


    • A shared link to download
    • Exported to USB memory flash drive and sent to the client


It will be an excellent marketing tool to showcase the realization of your masterpiece in a couple of minutes.

time lapse camera capture the project progress
time lapse camera overlooking demolition works on construction site

Optional Services


  • As standard we produce a 4K video format, if required this can be increased to suit your needs.
  • Online Image Portal: Our online image portal allows users to securely log in and view all captured images by time/date. Users can send individual images by email and/or download a batch of images. We can at any time throughout the project provide a time-lapse film. Supplied in suitable video format for offline, local and web usage.
  • Off-Grid Power Supply: If site power is not available, we can offer an independent solar and battery power supply for the duration of the project.
  • Guarantee: We remotely check our cameras every day (subject to a 4G/Wi-Fi connection). In the event of something going wrong, we aim to fix it within 24 hours.

Camera Monitoring Control box


  • IP65 ABS enclosure: 2.2KG – 400 (height) x 300 (width) x 165 (depth) mm
  • Wall mount ready & pole mount adaption
  • 180° door opening
  • Temperature rating -25 to +60°C
  • Light grey
  • RoHS compliant
  • Total weight with cellular hardware: 4KG



  • Ultra HD resolution camera: 0.80 kg – 260 (Length) x 132 (diameter) mm
  • Wall & pole mount ready
  • Pole mount: 1.2KG, 127 x 46 x 250mm
  • Horizontal field-of-view up to 109°
  • Operational temperature: -22°F to 122°F
  • Powered by PoE
  • Total camera & mounting hardware weight: 2KG

We have the experience and certifications to install construction cameras safely almost anywhere

Estimate Cost Within 24 Hours:

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