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How Site Access Control Can Help You Improve Construction Security?


Forget about the traditional paper-based construction site signing in book checks. We offer modern site access control system that allows you to double-check, and give access only to authorized people onto your workspace.

Our Site Access Control System


Our turnstile systems are designed to deliver bespoke security levels for construction sites of different scopes and sizes.

We install the access system in the cabin or site office and then link it to different electrified turnstiles across the site for specific points of entry and exit. The systems can also be locked, entirely closing access points, hence enhancing security.


Site entry is only granted once enrolled operative’s ID and CSCS accreditation’s have been checked and validated.

Double turnstile installation in the site cabin
2 biometric readers installed on half height turnstile near site security office

Why It Is Best For You


The unit comes as a complete package at no extra cost and can easily be tailored to meet your needs. Additional control units and turnstiles can be integrated to cater to bigger and complicated construction projects making it the most flexible and compact system across the site.

We also install hand gel areas to enhance the performance of the sensors as well as cleanliness. There is also a comprehensive CCTV management system to provide you with the best in terms of security for sites and control.

Finishing or customization incorporate colours is also possible. This allows you to provide a professional image to contractors and visitors.

Intercom system for granting visitor access


The data reports generated by Bison Security access control system are powerful and crucial to site management.

Biometric Turnstile Access Control


Designed with sturdy fingerprint scanners, it can store thousands of users in a single installation. This gets rid of the challenging and costly issue of buying and distributing fobs or cards.


Full height turnstile package includes:

  • 1   x   Metal single bi-directional turnstile with  a 120-degree bar rotor
  •  1 x Face Recognition or Fingerprint Swipe  entry reader  for signing in
  • 1 x Face Recognition or Fingerprint Swipe exit reader for signing  out
  • 1 x PC with bespoke access control software and no ongoing licence fee
  • 1 x  Emergency turnstile release button and  Push to Exit (PTE) switch
  • Aftercare technical support
  • Turnstile hire or purchase options available
installation of biometric reader with rain proof cover inside hoarding entrance

Learn more about the benefits of having access control for construction

Other Reasons Why It Stands Out

    • The construction site turnstiles can operate optimally in dusty and dirty environments where worn fingerprints are common.
    • It also comes with a separate reader for induction, allowing users to log in without interfering with workers on site.
    • The biometric turnstile readers are tried and tested. We have been around for a while and have experienced the shortcomings of various biometric and face technologies. As such, we decided to design our reader that would counter all these shortfalls and give construction site managers an easy time. It boasts a fingerprint reading capability that is second to none, solid ergonomic casing, as well as a sturdy exterior, meaning you don’t have to worry about rejection rates, spoofing fingerprints, or vandalism in harsh environments.
    • The system automatically updates itself. It rejects those not qualified or permitted to work on the site, helping in safety and health conformity for insurance and compliance purposes. Real-time updates also mean accurate role calls in case of any incidents on the site.
    • Comprehensive Timesheet with days and hours worked. Explore individual workers or entire departments.
    • Product maintenance and support
    • Mobile application; this is an astute answer to tracking and monitoring movements remotely. It gives you total control and access at any time from anywhere, whether through a tablet or phone.

Software Features

    • Time & Attendance for sub-contractors and employers.
    • Remote Access to Report Manager from anywhere.
    • Health & Safety Compliance
    • Environmental Impact
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Site Summary
    • Contractor & Individual Summary
    • CO2 Summary
    • CSCS Reports
    • Who’s on Site now
    • Muster Reports for H & S
    • Delivery Management  Systems (DMS)


Card readers, proximity and swipe, key fobs access control system provides instant, reliable monitored access to your site. Bison Security offers a customized software with unlimited free client login and advanced features like timesheet, roll call, fire alarm integration,  anti-passback and photo ID card, designer.

Bison Security can integrate your access control with intercom system so you can easily identify people and permit access – simple and effective.

Benefits of intercom system:
  • Remote Control – Keep your site construction secure, with the ability to screen your visitors before you even open the turnstile. Allow entry for visitors, deliveries, and even subcontractors.
  • Convenience – save time that you would typically spend commuting to your site entrance to let visitors into your site-building.

Bison Security has developed a complete cutting edge solution for construction sites entries. We deliver a fully automated solution for the accurate and reliable control of rising barriers to protect the construction site against the entry of unauthorised vehicles and reduce the cost of deploying a traffic marshal.

How it works:

When a vehicle approaches the barrier control area the number plate is captured using ANPR camera and checked against the white list. When the number plate is matched with the white list, the system communicates with the barrier control system in real-time and the barrier is activated to immediately rise up allowing the vehicle through without interruption.

Choosing Bison security means, eliminating risks, keeping your workers access safe, and promoting project success

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two fingerprint reader are mounted on half-height turnstile

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