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How site access control can help you improve construction security?


Forget about the traditional paper-based construction site signing in book checks. We offer a modern face recognition access system that allows you to double-check, and give access only to authorized people onto your building site.

Our Site Access Control System

Site turnstile systems restrict entry to and movement around active construction sites, cost-effectively and reliably, with access only granted once retina recognition or proximity card ID has been verified.


In addition, automated time and attendance (T&A) records provide proof of employees’ hours of working as evidence in disputes as well as essential roll-calls for emergency evacuation and muster reporting in the event of a fire alarm.


Our site access control systems incorporate facial biometrics or proximity card readers, with the rapid matching of users in less than 1 second, meaning speed and reliability are maintained, especially in busy periods.


Site entry is only granted once the enrolled operative’s ID and CSCS accreditation have been checked and validated.

Double turnstile installation in the site cabin
2 biometric readers installed on half height turnstile near site security office

Why It Is Best For You


Significant cost savings can be achieved by utilising the remote pre-enrolment facility, whereby contractors can complete their enrolment prior to attending site, only requiring a visual check of CSCS card expiry and capture of their face or fingerprint.


Additional site access control units and one way turnstiles can be integrated to cater to bigger and complicated construction projects.


We also install hand gel areas to enhance the performance of the safety as well as cleanliness.


We install the access system in the cabin or pedestrian walkways and then link it to different electrified turnstiles across the site for specific points of entry and exit.

Face Recognition Turnstile Access Control


Designed with face recognition scanners, it can store thousands of users in a single installation. This gets rid of the challenging and costly issue of buying and distributing fobs or cards.


Full height turnstile access control package includes:

  • 1   x   Metal single bi-directional turnstile with  a 120-degree bar rotor
  •  1 x Face Recognition turnstile entry reader  for signing in
  • 1 x Face Recognition or Fingerprint exit reader for signing  out
  • 1 x Computer with construction time attendance software and no ongoing licence fee
  • 1 x  Emergency turnstile release button and  Push to Exit (PTE) switch
  • Aftercare technical support
  • Weekly rental  or purchase of biometric access control turnstile security  options available
installation of biometric reader with rain proof cover inside hoarding entrance

Learn more about the benefits of having site access control for construction

Other Reasons Why It Stands Out

    • Latest pre-enrolment & induction software.
    • Face recognition and temperature detection readers.
    • Contactless turnstile security efficiencies and helps COVID-19.
    • The face recognition detection readers are tried and tested.
    • Anti  pass-back prevents a user help someone get onto the site by using their face or card a second time, ensuring only valid contractors gain site access.
    • It rejects those not qualified or permitted to work on the site, helping in safety and health conformity for insurance and compliance purposes.
    • Real-time events also mean accurate role calls in case of any incidents on the site.
    • Comprehensive timesheet with days and hours worked. Explore individual workers or contractors via the construction time attendance system.
    • Construction site face recognition turnstile maintenance and support
    • Suprema mobile application giving you total control and access at any time from anywhere, whether through a tablet or phone.
    • Automatically disarm or arm your monitored CCTV intruder system via the site access control system.
    • Site turnstile can be integrated with our fire alarm system, activation of this acts as the input, with the system configured to automatically place the turnstile in the free spin without any delay.

Site Access Turnstile Software Features

    • Time & Attendance for sub-contractors and employers.
    • Remote Access to Report Manager from anywhere.
    • Health & Safety Compliance
    • Environmental Impact
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Site Summary
    • Contractor & Individual Summary
    • CO2 Summary
    • CSCS Reports
    • Who’s on Site now
    • Muster Reports for H & S
    • Delivery Management  Systems (DMS)


Optional upgrade to facial recognition terminal ie on entry

Optional upgrade to temperature measurement camera ie on entry

Upgrade to large pod with doors for facial recognition and temperature measurement

Choosing Bison security means, eliminating risks, keeping your workers access safe, and promoting project success

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