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A Reliable Wireless Emergency Site Fire Alarm for Construction Sites


Bison Security provides the most effective wireless site fire alarm products on the market today. We have also gone on to satisfy the requirements of HSG168 Fire safety on many construction projects within the UK.

Our Site Fire Alarm Evacuation System


Bison Security is an expert in Fire Safety sensors and systems. From a fire security installation to modern wireless site fire alarm systems.  From home renovations – to massive construction site projects, we install and program a wide range of fire detectors.


Being fully wireless and battery-powered makes it ideal for building sites, temporary buildings, workshops, etc. Call points rapidly deployed, and being completely wire-less are easily re-located if the site-building layout changes.


We can install internal and external call points, smoke and heat detectors to these systems to provide additional security to your site property.

installation of temporary fire alarm and extinguishers on construction site

Our system can be configured to suit your needs, including GSM capability with alert notification.

temporary site fire alarm reset key fitted on the trolley

Why Wireless Fire Alarm for Construction?

Timber frame is currently a popular system of building sites. Bison’s Evacuator Push Button Wireless Fire Alarm has been designed, built and tested for the construction industry although can be used for all types of applications.


A battery-operated temporary  fire  systems can be  customized   in different types:


  • There are Call Points and a choice Control Stations, which you can activate manually.
  • Heat detectors, which set off automatically activate the system when a high temperature is detected on site.
  • Smoke Sensors, which trigger the system automatically when smoke is detected.

Evacuation Fire Alarm Integration

Having a hybrid fire alarm system that allows for more than one type of alarm should be considered when installing for any construction site.


Turnstile Fire Relay Interface

    • The fire alarm system can be integrated into the turnstile system so it will release all locking to allow non-secure egress in the event of a fire event.
    • Bison engineers can integrate a fire evacuation system to an existing monitored CCTV security to alert your key holders directly.

A first aid alarm  

    • The whole site-building does not need to be evacuated when a call for first aid goes out.
site fire alarm installation of Co2 Extinguisher and call point near the site turnstile

The system is advised to be installed in site cabins or on mobile fire trolleys and taken out at the end of the construction site. 

Estimate Cost Within 24 Hours: