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Do you need a site scaffold alarm to secure the buildings?


One of the most effective ways to mitigate the risks of erected scaffolding on a property is the installation of scaffold alarm systems.

Scaffold alarm systems can be complex and require great expertise to install effectively. That is why we recommend having scaffold alarms installed on your property only by experienced and professional security experts.


If scaffolding is to be erected at your building, the need for extra security measures has never been more urgent. Scaffolding provides extra points of ingress that didn’t exist before, which burglars and other intruders can use to enter your home or office without the risk of bodily injury. Unprotected scaffolding is a massive security risk.

Moreover, scaffolding compromises your property insurance. Your insurance provider must be notified of scaffolding or claims could be denied. Your coverage could be impacted if security measures are not taken.


At Bison Security Ltd, we stock the best scaffold alarms that will guarantee you the peace of mind.

mains free alarm on first boarded scaffolding lift
scaffold alarm sensor and signage protecting the property

Wireless Site Scaffold Alarm

We specialize in wireless scaffolding alarm systems. Wireless scaffold systems have many advantages over traditional systems.


– Versatile, flexible to install. Not dictated by the current site wiring. 


– Quick to install, without impacting or damaging the building. 


– Battery-operated, functional even if the building’s power supply is cut off. 


– Transmits over mobile phone networks, remaining effective even if the building phone line is cut. 


– Options are available for smaller sites and any budget.    


Don’t risk becoming a victim of a robbery, violent crime, or declined claim.

Learn more about the components of an airtight a site scaffold alarm security


Bison Security Ltd is a safe contractor to install industry-leading scaffolding security systems. We are proud to provide expert-level site scaffold alarm installation for:


– Contractors

– Property Owners

– Architects

– Insurance Agents


These systems protect your property and your safety from intruders in two ways:


The best invasions are the ones that never happen in the first place. Bold large signs warn potential intruders that your scaffolding is protected by an alarm system, discouraging them from even trying and diverting them to easier targets.


The deterrent signs are not an idle threat. We back them up with a state-of-the-art detection and alarm system that alerts 24/7 UKAS-accredited security control centre, as well as nearby law enforcement, of a crime in progress. Alerts also relay immediately to any mobile phone or other devices you link to the system.

Installing a scaffolding alarm is a sophisticated process. We believe that a poorly fitted and installed alarm will give you a false sense of security, which means that it’s worse than having no alarm at all. If you want a site scaffold alarm system that is effective it’s essential that all sensors and beams are installed in the proper positions. They need to be installed in positions that give the most coverage making it harder for a criminal to find a way to bypass them.


We customize a system to your budget and scaffolding requirements, including the following components:

– INFRARED PHOTOELECTRIC BEAM SENSORS: An invisible beam of infrared light forms a digital tripwire. Intruders who cross it trigger an alarm without even knowing it. Range up to 250 meters.

– DUAL-TECH PASSIVE INFRARED SENSOR (PIR): This sensor detects heat signatures in its immediate area. It is attenuated to detect human-sized warm bodies. Range up to 12 meters.

– SIREN: A 118dB external siren sounds three minutes after the alarm system is triggered, alerting any nearby law enforcement officers. This prevents the intruder from fleeing immediately, making a red-handed arrest more likely without allowing the intruder enough time to cause significant harm.     Once triggered, a 24/7 monitoring centre accredited by UKAS is alerted for immediate intervention to an intrusion in progress. Systems can be expanded at any time to include more alarms as needed.

Other key features of our customized scaffolding alarm systems include:

– Remote keypad

– Personal identification codes for user access

– Marked infrared sensors matched to zone description to identify the location of the intrusion

– Optional floodlight or strobe light alarms to complement the siren

– Automatic system reset and re-arming

– Weekly log reports, including time, date, and location of any incidents

Beam sensors and passive PIRs are among the most effective scaffolding alarm systems at identifying actual intruders. We calibrate our systems to significantly minimize false alarms caused by small animals, weather conditions, or inanimate falling objects.

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