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Frequent Questions About Our Security Systems


Why should I have CCTV cameras installed on my building site?

Installing cameras can act as a deterrent to would be criminals looking to steal something of the site. Also if there is a crime then there is video evidence to help in prosecuting any offenders.

The CCTV can also be linked to control barriers with vehicle recognition systems to allow only authorised personnel onto the site.


What will the camera view?

With CCTV it all depends on the quality of the camera/lens and where to install it to receive the best possible view of the area to be protected or recorded. We can be there to advise you on the best system and have it tailor-made to for your needs and be fit for purpose.

The camera is not the same as the human eye and needs to be focused on a certain region.

Construction Site HD Time-lapse maybe of interest to some of our clients.


I have some scaffolding going up do I need to set up some security?

Yes we would have to say as this would be the best way to deter criminals from accessing the scaffold for whatever reason they may have. We can set up a system so that when it’s activated an alarm signal is sent over the GSM network to our alarm receiving centre, where the security officer will call your key holders or guarding company.

Alternatively we can set up the security system to contact your key holders directly via voice call or text message.


What would be the cost of a security system?

No construction site or business premises is the same so we at Bison Security would have to do an on-site inspection and survey to evaluate the costs and the best bespoke security system for the client with an understanding of budget constraints if any.

There would no obligation to employ our services with the survey taken, but it would give us a chance to explain our expertise in this field and how we can best help the client.

Reasons to why choose us can be found here.


Is someone watching the site when we are not there e.g. at night?

Yes. Our construction site CCTV control room takes over monitoring of the site when your team arm the detectors when leaving the site. The cameras are also on 24/7 to record any incident.

When an intruder triggers a motion or sound detector the construction site controller issues a live audio warning to the site to state that an intruder has been spotted.

The construction site controller calls and requests a police response and then the video footage can be used to secure a conviction.


Do you offer access control systems?

Our personnel control systems can be designed and customised to address the specific requirements of the clients' needs and wants. We provide comprehensive access control solutions to suit all situations, which can be: Full Height, Half Height, Double Turnstile, on a Base Plate and in a Cabin.

We also offer our clients Biometric Turnstiles that can use Fingerprint Readers for Clocking IN & OUT which can be a great way of registering when employees arrive and leave the site.

To find out more on our access control systems 


Will I need a broadband solution to operate the system?

The system we use does need a reliable broadband connection, but we can if there is no internet available instantly set up a reliable network connection that can power all of the site requirements where BT ADSL or other Internet provision are not available and can also be used as backup for fixed lines for mission critical applications. Temporary building sites require fast, secure and flexible connectivity from the very start of every project.


Can we monitor the noise levels at the site remotely?

Our noise and weather stations can be accessed via a standard web browser or mobile app. It provides live data on all sites around the clock, anywhere.

You can have every single project and individual site in your pocket at all times and get a snapshot of your premises whenever you need it and from wherever you are 24/7.

It can be an invaluable tool for the smooth running of the site and a very handy tool for the site manager.

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