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Are you looking for a company to handle home security installation?

We understand that the safety of your property and valuables therein is crucial. That is why we provide complete security set up. Below are the services we provide.

home security installation for family

It is something that most families and owners want. Most of us want to feel safe when we are at home, but many do not know where to begin to get that protection. Our  Best Home Security systems can make you secure at home or while away. Bison Security Ltd,  Home Security Installation in London installer has the experience to fit a range of CCTV camera systems to your home from a single camera connection to larger connected facilities.


We only use a tried and tested technology as  Full HD Network CCTV Cameras,  Home Intruder Alarm, Indoor Wireless Video Alarm, Home Door Entry in our installations to deliver home security in the best possible way. Outstanding footage quality allowing you to protect your home while storing evidence usually around 1 month that can be utilised by the Police if needed. All our systems have the ability to be controlled and watched remotely wherever you are in the world over the internet access and on your handy smart devices via Bison Control+app.


All smart security devices are thoroughly prepared and tested before engineers visit enabling us to finish the installation on the same day.

Affordable home security solutions to meet every your protection requirements


With Bison, your home gets a high-quality alarm system that let you know when an intruder or an unknown person is at your property. It reduces the worries you have about a burglar walking away with your valuables or someone destroying your home.

We offer both wireless and wired systems. One shortcoming of alarms is that if you are not home, you have to rely on neighbours to check what is happening at your property and call the authorities.


It is not enough to have sound (home alarm) without video. With our CCTV installation service, you are in a position to see who is in or around your house for security reasons. Our security cameras provide high definition images. You can easily identify a person entering your house.

Besides, remote access CCTV enables you to know what is happening in your home from wherever you are. Wireless cameras are more convenient than wired ones. Like alarm monitoring systems, you can hook up your cameras with a video receiving centre to alert you on unusual activity when you are away.


Technology keeps improving every day. Today, a doorbell can be used to relay video. Bison Security is up to date with the tech, so we offer smart video doorbell set up. This way, whenever someone rings your doorbell, you can know who it is. It is an intelligent invention.


When you are tired of opening your gate manually, there is a solution for that. Consider having an automated electric gate, which we can install for you. It comes in handy when you do not have guards to operate your home entrance, and even if you do, it saves them a lot of energy to use on other tasks.


Remember the demerit we mentioned earlier about having an alarm system only. Our home alarm monitoring with response package eliminates the shortcoming. It protects your home when you are not around.

An alarm-receiving centre monitors your home and signals you whenever your buzzer goes off. This way, you can call the police or someone to check on your home. The centre can also do the calling for you.


With all the services we offer, you get to enjoy 24-hour support and aftercare. In case anything comes up, for example, when a system fails to work, you can always contact us at any time and we will be happy to attend to your needs.

Our aftercare service means that we value a long-term relationship with our customers even after we install security devices in their homes.

Why use our smart home security systems?

We give you easy to use security equipment for easy navigation. Our experts fix systems fast and connect all of them to your smartphone through an app.

Whether you are looking for burglar alarm installation or CCTV set up, we have a team of professionals with the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure you get top-notch service.  Our services including door entry installation are reliable, efficient, and affordable to provide every customer with the home security they need.


Besides, we offer same-day home security installation, which is helpful when you have a busy schedule.

Contact us for a quotation that is unique and customized to meet your specific needs.

Case Study Projects

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  • Commercial
  • Construction
Temporary CCTV camera installed on the post

Barham Temporary CCTV Hire

Temporary CCTV rental system after two breakings and vandalism on-site at Barnham lodge development. They asked for the CCTVs to be checked with the police present, just if they confirmed an intruder was on the site.

temporary fire points installed on the movable trolley

Temporary Evacuation Fire Points London

Designed and installed of temporary evacuation fire points that elevate safety and compliance during the construction process.

scaffolding alarm quotation for jewellery shop in Norwich

Jewellers Scaffolding Alarm Norwich

A video confirmed scaffolding alarm that makes it easier to see where intruders are during an incident.

Site security solution provided to the empty building in london

Fox Lane Vacant Site Security London

The main contractor contacted us to provide vacant site security. We installed a void CCTV alarm on the empty property for full coverage to stop squatters.

Church Scaffold Security Solution Chosen after Consultation and Site Visit

Staple Church Scaffold Alarms Kent

We were tasked with enhancing the church's scaffold alarm security and preventing unauthorized access via the scaffolding systems. Remote monitoring and incident alerting system.

two fingerprint reader are mounted on half-height turnstile

Randalls Biometric Half Height Turnstile Uxbridge

We installed the biometric half-height turnstiles designed to control access across various entry points on the construction site at Randalls development.

Quick Scaffold Alarm fitted at Hippodrome Casino London

Hippodrome Casino Scaffold Alarm London

The custom scaffold security system included a monitored GSM Dialer through NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre with emergency response.

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