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The hospital construction site broken down by thieves

A recent report showed that despite tight security, thieves break down in a hospital construction site.

Recently, a case came up, where a gang of robbers breached the construction site security with the intention of stealing copper and picking up of a truck. It has been noticed that cooper has increased in value since the last few years as it has been a target to thefts. The thieves chose a Health centre of U.K and managed themselves to easily escape the security present at the construction site with over copper worth £90,000 and a vehicle parked at the construction site.

During the investigation, the owners and the builders who operate there said that along with the security guard, CCTV cameras are installed at every corner of the construction site. Apart from the CCTV cameras, other construction site security programs were also being used up. The footage of the camera is been passed to the police department for reviews. Hope it would contribute to the arrest of the burglars.

Incidents, like the one mentioned above, prove that construction security is very important for building sites, in order to protect them from thefts and robbery of materials, equipment, which results in a huge loss, both in terms of physical and financial.

It is disgusting to see that even hospitals or church are not left by thieves, but it is because they don’t think like us. Hence, it is very important to have digital security as well because at times gatekeepers and security guards are the ones to blame. Cases are there where even the gatekeepers and security guards were involved in the crime.

Building site security systems such as CCTV surveillance camera or scaffold alarms are linked or connected directly to the owner’s cell phone or mac book. No mediator is required. In case any unusual incident happens, the owner would get a text message on his cell phone.

The concerned person would also be able to keep an eye on every update from any location and at any time. He can monitor each and every happening at his construction site.

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