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Moore Park Chelsea – Alarm CCTV Entry Installation


Moore Park or the Bridge is a buzzing residential area in the London Borough of Hammersmith. Located close by is the Chelsea Football Club, a stadium that attracts 41,837 people on its peak days of the EPL. For residents, this area places them in the heart of fantastic amenities and attractions like the River Thames and Chelsea Harbor. The District Line at Fulham Broadway stations provides quick transport to central London.


Buy to let properties in this area have high yield returns. The primary concern for landlords and homeowners, however, is maintaining the right residential area security on their properties. We were approached by an architect team to design and deploy a state-of-the-art home intruder alarm system that addresses the critical security challenges of the area and safeguard high-values.


Challenges and Project Requirements


Our client needed a full home security system with alarms, CCTV, panic buttons and motion sensors. The proximity of the property to the Chelsea football stadium made it a possible soft target for intruders, thieves, and vandals masquerading as sports fans. Our alarm and   CCTV installation Chelsea service had to address needs, such as video monitoring for individual access points. We were required to come up with a security system that blended network monitored cameras, motion sensors, panic buttons, and alarms for the successful arresting of criminals.


Other project requirements


  • The security system needed to have 4 part arming modes from 4 different keypad locations in the home
  • The client requested for high-resolution Hikvision CCTV cameras with mobile access
  • Indoor monitors in the kitchen, reception and mezzanine floor
  • The whole security system needed to be subtle and blend in with the architectural finish of the home


Security Solution Chosen


Alarm and CCTV Installation Chelsea

We recommended the Bison Security Intruder Alarm System that comprises of door contacts and sounders, window shock sensors, motion sensors, and IP CCTV cameras. This system would help to monitor all critical areas of the building both outside and inside. The use of panic buttons with emergency response would be elemental in ensuring the utmost safety for the residents all days of the week.


Video Door Entry System


We complemented the above system with a video entry system that would be fitted through the property so tenants could control the primary entry access.


External CCTV


We chose an IP CCTV for the exterior of the house. The system has limitless zoom ability that would make facial recognition a precise and effortless work when submitting evidence to police. With this system, the owner could store images on the hard drive using the Hikvision network video recorder. The homeowner would have a way to occasionally review the general security of the area over some time.


Deployment and results


We supplied the CAD designs of our system to the architects to ascertain that our plan blended with their electrical designs. We worked proactively with the homeowner to ensure the design and choice of their security system components sufficiently addressed the specific challenges on the property while staying within budget. The first installation was done by the architect team to save time and money.


We took over from the second installation and delivered a complete system in a few days. During installation, the client asked us to add some extra monitoring features to the original alarm system we had planned for. We installed a DualCom communicator that makes it possible to monitor the system via GSM and Phone line 24 hours a day. We completed all installations before the owner moved into the home. We provided logbooks and guided them on how to use the system via the app, extracting images and responding to alarms.


The system is currently up and running, and the client loves how it provides crisp and clear images enough to make number plates on the property recognizable from a distance.  The networked system has made monitoring easier; the owner can view pictures from a tablet or phone even when away from the property.

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