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Every business manager or owner is always looking for different ways to save money, protect their company, and satisfy customers. The same applies to auto dealership owners and managers, especially when it comes to security issues. Car dealerships are vulnerable to property damage, unwanted intruders, and inventory theft because they handle expensive products and machines, daily making them a prime target for criminals and thieves.


Regardless, security budgets are never enough, and securing car dealerships is becoming more and more sophisticated than ever. The good news, however, is that Bison Security, is an expert in car dealership security and through tried and tested methods we can provide your business with adequate protection and security.


We will secure your commercial building’s security with voice down& alarm sensors, live monitoring, automated gates, remote video feeds as well as a robust IP camera technology. We will not only help you determine and recognize car dealership security and safety problems but also fine-tune your procedures and operations for maximum productivity.


CCTV dealership camera security


Case Study – What was involved at Aston Martin Car Showroom?


Integrated security system design and install that incorporated Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control and electrically operated gate automation. Working alongside the Architects and Designers, the schedule was tight but Bison Security Ltd fully completed the security project.


High Specification Intruder alarm 


Protect your dealership against intruders with our reliable and smart system that watches over your facility 24/7. Intruder alarm sensors are a crucial aspect of any intrusion prevention system. We will work with you to design the best intrusion detection program as well as sensors to meet your security challenges.


Swing Gate automation


Our gate automation solution will not only save you time and money but also give you the convenience of not having someone open or close the gate every time. You can open your automated gate safely from the comfort of your office or control room with peace of mind. The gates are operated via phone or a single press on the remote control. So regardless of the gate configurations, size, or whether it is a slide gate or swing gate, we have a solution that comes second to none globally.


Wireless Intercom


They offer an excellent way for business owners to ascertain, who is at the gate and then communicate effectively. This plays a very critical role in deterring theft and crime. Designed by renowned manufactures, our intercom systems allow you to restrict access to your business securely and conveniently. It gives managers, employees, and business owners the ability to screen visitors and approve or deny entry via video or audio intercom in a 2-way communication channel. Whether it is wireless intercom, video intercom, or voice intercom, you can trust us to deliver.


A customised security system that is easy to use day-to-day, completely flexible and aesthetically pleasing was the client’s requirements and that is what Bison Security delivered.


Bison Security prides itself on being a “One-Stop” source for all elements of high quality, high availability and cost-effective any type of business security solution.


Why choose us?


Systems you can trust and rely on


We only provide robust security systems that will serve you for a long time without issues. We understand that survivability of dealerships hinges on security, that’s why we make sure that we craft nothing but the best on the planet. Also, with us, you can be sure you will not be spending a penny more on any other installations or fixing problems as we stand behind our products 100 %.


Minimize general security costs


Paying somebody to physically patrol your dealership, for example, is not only less effective but also astronomical when compared to the amount you will part with when installing a virtual security program. Similarly, what you will save by monitoring the yard or tracking lost items is 10x more than what you will pay for a premium security solution.


Prevent Vandalism and theft


As mentioned earlier, the main challenge that most car dealerships face is theft on-premise. Losing a sale because a car is damaged or something is missing is not acceptable with Bison’s security. That is why we will help you protect and keep an eye on the perimeter, all the access points as well as the parking lots.


Reduce or decrease insurance premiums


Demonstrating to your insurance provider that you have comprehensive and verifiable security in place is one of the main ways of reducing insurance fees, rates, and premiums. Proving that your merchandise, facility, and even employees are secure and safe always gives you a viable reason to request better rates from the insurance firm.


Reduce liability or customer claims


Regardless of how severe or small a claim is, most business owners always want to make sure that they have the right tools to back-up their version of a story to easily clear up any misconceptions that affect a company’s integrity. If you can demonstrate that you are doing things properly, it’s harder for anyone to claim the opposite is true; and our systems and programs can help you do that flawlessly.


Highly Experienced


We have been around for a while, helping businesses solve security challenges effectively. This has helped us acquire the knowledge and expertise required to provide the best security system possible. Most of the challenges that we might encounter while working on your project are likely the same we have solved in the past. This means there is nothing that is too sophisticated or challenging for us. We know where to touch as well as what does the magic and what doesn’t.


The Undisputed King in the Car Dealership Security Space


Our security system does a lot more than just recording and controlling access to your dealership; we jealously guard your business giving you an instant view of what is happening in the entire lot at the click of a button. By implementing our auto dealership solution or by integrating an existing program with ours, you get the reassurance that you deserve in your car dealership security or commercial building security.

Maximum protection for your business

Customised to the clients individual requirements

State of the art CCTV security solutions

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