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Case Study – Temporary CCTV hire at Barham


As a constructor, you need to protect your construction and ensure you complete given projects in time, especially large ones. In any case, you will probably leave expensive equipment that is prone to theft or damage that cannot be stored in a warehouse every day. Properties on the site can also be ruined by dumb workers on the site and the threat of damage caused by harsh weather conditions or other natural events. Whichever way you look at it, construction sites are delicate and need rapid monitored CCTV protection.  Learn more about construction site CCTV monitoring.


Temporary Camera System installed inside construction cabin


Therefore, hiring a well-known security company is very crucial. Bison security services provide twenty-four hours patrol of your site to ensure fewer losses are occurring.  Know more about construction security.




  • Security Contractor to supply labour, equipment and materials to install a complete CCTV system to the perimeter
    boundaries of selected areas of  new development
  • The CCTV recording equipment (DVR) is to be capable of storing images for a period of one month
  • All remote CCTV cameras are to be capable of recording both day-time and night-time images
  • All CCTV cameras are to be capable of recording images, in high definition, sufficient enough to be used in
    a court of law (i.e. identify facial characteristics and vehicle registrations)
  • To supply  and   install adequate DPA compliant “24 Hour CCTV” warning signs
  • The remote CCTV monitoring service is to be provided during out-of-hours periods, including bank holidays,
    Christmas periods and whenever there is not a site personnel presence on site
  • Provision of temporary CCTV tapes by Bison security for forty-two weeks hire
  • SIA licensed operators to monitor the cameras remotely via a control room
  • Choose the ideal spots to install the CCTVs to protect the site surrounding without getting in the way of construction works
  • Remote Access to live surveillance footage 





With the rising theft in the construction site, there has never been a better time to embrace the cost-effective twenty-four hours of security plans here now. Right here is where remote CCTV surveillance comes into play. The monitoring remote cameras will be surveying the area at all times.


Once the dubious activity is picked up, the motion sensors activate the camera, sending video footage. The footage is then sent to the Bison Central room, where SIA licensed operators to view the footage live. If the trespass is confirmed, the operators will issue audio signals, call the police or emergency services, and dispatch a mobile security team.


The systems include all the components you will need to provide efficient temporary  CCTV hire monitoring in a big and rugged housing. A vandal-resistant bullet type camera is complemented with infra-red and white light illumination devices, a public address system, various movement detectors, and a digital recorder. Tannoy audio speakers enable a two-way remote challenge to happen between our monitoring station staff and invaders, which is an effective way to petering out theft.


These tight temporary CCTV solutions can be installed with ease in location, regardless of how remote or how it will move, how challenging or how small it is according to the site’s size.


Temporary CCTV system components for construction site


Rental CCTV equipment deployed on-site:


  • 2 x 8MP 4K UHD IP Cameras with Dark fighter technology (DS-2CD2385G1-I)
  • 2 x Security camera cables directly to NVR
  • 1 x Hik vision DS-7608NI-I2/8P Network Video Recorder
  • 1x 6TB Surveillance Optimized Hard Disk Drive for recording a minimum of 24 weeks
  • 2 x external PA loudspeakers
  • 1 x Large live view monitor in the site  portacabin  office
  • Mobile Viewing Applications for remote viewing
  • Warning  CCTV signage  around the site boundary
  • All site perimeter protection  and servicing 


Temporary CCTV camera monitoring on site


The site camera system features:


  • Has footage loss or tamper detection alerts 24/7
  • Unlimited out of hours CCTV monitoring
  • Hooligans proof 
  • A 4K Ultra HD real-time video
  • It can run on a 110v / 240 power supply or solar panel system
  • Connect the camera to an Alarm system
  • All linked up via 4G GSM networking
  • Allows you to shoot your project from the beginning to the end using a time-lapse video from shots taken every ten minutes via an existing CCTV set up.


You can record footage to the control room as well as to an NVR so you can have that extra peace of mind. In case your NVR is looted, you can still get the video footage directly from us. Speak to your staff on-site via PA audio system through smartphone app remotely.


Key benefits of the  building site CCTV hire  systems:


  • The low-cost choice to traditional manned guarding.
  • Lasting 24/7 site security at any conditions.
  • Helps cover a larger area.
  • It has a smart remote CCTV monitoring, and detection system prevents false alarms.
  • It comes with a loudspeaker to address intruders.
  • Can detect numerous break-ins simultaneously.
  • Can be powered by a long-lasting battery. 
  • Additional CCTV camera units can be easily connected to provide more excellent coverage.
  • They provide the perfect security solution for construction sites, demolition sites,  new build developments sites,   school sites, hospital building sites etc.


Superior Temporary Site CCTV Security


If you have a good security service in place, you can avoid any losses or damages.


Hiring security services on the construction site will help you stay on track and on time while working on your project. Worries about theft, damages, access control, trespassing, and other common issues will not be your concern leaving you and your employees more time to concentrate on completing the project.


So, Bison security offers you licensed and insured off-site security services customized to the needs your site needs. The moment you hire CCTV  cameras, then all matters about security issues will no longer worry you. Thus, this is where you get the assurance that they will always handle security issues professionally and courteously. There is no need to take unnecessary risks; invest in quality construction site security to safeguard your property, equipment, staff, and many more.


And the tasty part? With a good system, it is easy to access all the cameras via a smartphone application, meaning you can check everything at the site from virtually anywhere at any time.

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