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Detailed customer freestanding temperature scanner requirements


  • Monitor personnel temperature on arrival before they enter the building
  • Freestanding mounted temperature scanner
  • Non-contact  walkthrough fever  monitoring recommended by the  Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Mask Detection alert
  • Single person temperature screening solution
  • Contact tracing with full logs of entry times and temperature readings
  • Install face temperature access terminals across the UK nationwide to 15 sites
Freestanding temperature scanner requirements for the customer

What We Did


We took the client through the following process:


Made an initial call to understand the requirements – this helped us know about the business and what they were looking for in a thermal imaging solution.


Site survey – here, we undertook a thorough survey of the premises. This helps us recommend the right system depending on factors such as space and any obstacles to a smooth installation.


Recommended the right temperature screening system – at this stage, we provided a full written quote and systems recommendation.


Quote, the approval – the customer agreed to work with us and scheduled installation dates for the different locations.

    Estimate Cost Within 24 Hours:

    The Outcome of floor standing temperature scanner access control


    We went to each site at the scheduled dates and times with prepared and pre-programmed temperature detection station. As a result, walkthrough temperature monitor systems installed with floor stands fluently. The no-touch temperature screening solutions use thermopile technology to check infra-red rays produced from somebody’s body. The rays show the level of heat while the inbuilt scanners convert the figure into a temperature reading. Though most people consider 37°C as a healthy body temperature, the accepted range medically is between 36.1°C to 37.2°C.


    Unlike systems that use thermography to detect temperature, there is no need to calibrate the unit to maintain accuracy regularly with this system. This makes it ideal for thermal analysis and access control systems. Exactly what the client needed. What’s more, the imaging detection module supports facial recognition meaning it can achieve both temperature detection and face recognition simultaneously.


    So, what happens if the system detects a person with an abnormal temperature? It alerts the people responsible, and premise policy kicks in. The unit can be integrated with access control systems such that any person that doesn’t pass the temperature test is not allowed into the building. Normally very high temperatures show fever, which is one of the main symptoms of infectious diseases like COVID-19. And this is particularly very important now when the highly contagious disease is wreaking havoc across the world.

    Plug and play temperature scanner kiosk

    How freestanding temperature scanner station works


    Customers, suppliers, or employees arrive at the premises. As they go in, the temperature screening camera scans each person for an abnormally low or high temperature. If their temperature is abnormal, the system alerts the people responsible so that they can be rechecked manually to ascertain if it is safe for them to enter the office.

    Access checkpoint monitoring body temperature

    Features that make the temperature screening scanner stand out


    • Non-touch detection
    • Uses various combinations for authentication. It can be mask detection, face recognition, temperature, card, or QR code.
    • Quick authentication and temperature screening in less than a second.
    • Abnormal temperature alert
    • No need for regular calibration. Actually, it has a market-leading accuracy of 0.3°C
    • Has a 2-way audio feature that can be used to manage visitors
    • Easy to use and adjust audio prompts
    • Learning chip for precise face recognition
    • Can either work as a standalone or be integrated with access control systems

    The benefits of the freestanding temperature scanner & thermal imaging cameras for businesses


    The right positioning


    Artificial intelligence steps in to make sure that people stand at the right spot for error-free reading. If the person is too close or far away, it gives visual clues or audible instructions for the individual to move back or forward so that they are in the right area for a correct measurement.


    Rapid response times


    As mentioned earlier, the system can give a pass or fail result in less than a second! This is one of the fastest speeds in the world of no contact temperature scanners. This means customers, employees, and even visitors will spend less time being measured hence more time shopping, working, or doing what brought them to the premise.


    Faultless results


    Recent research has shown that infra-red scanners are one of the most accurate thermometers of the Anno Domini era as they provide temperatures within 0.3°C. And with error-free results, you will considerably avoid faulty measurements, giving you peace of mind that the people inside the facility are within a safe range.


    Clear alerts


    Whether a person passes or fails the test, a sound will play, followed by a visual display showing whether the person is safe or not. So, you can be on the lookout for customers or employees who fail the test.


    No-touch operation


    No-touch operation means it is not a must someone operates the scanner, and people can stay far apart from each other. It is also easy to operate; you do not need to be an expert to understand it. Even a 10-year-old can understand the signs and instructions.




    With the ever-changing health requirements and guidelines, it is important to store information about employees, visitors, and customers. With these units, you can record and maintain information complete with temperature readings, images, and other essential data points.

    Standalone temperature screening in the office

    Bottom line


    Are you looking for ways to enhance the efficiency and safety of your employee or customer screening process? This no-touch temperature scanner is your best bet; It offers all those features conveniently in one complete package. The unit offers a straightforward and powerful way for businesses preventing the spread of infectious diseases and keeping their employees and clients safe.


    The screening solution eliminates human involvement while giving accurate results in less than 1 second. In addition, it integrates with your access control system to ensure that only healthy people access your premise.

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