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The Hippodrome Casino 


The Hippodrome Casino is one of the UK’s leading casinos with progressive jackpots and a broad offering of games. Their site has roots that go back to 1900, established by architect Frank Matcham. The Hippodrome has served many purposes in music and theatre, but in 2009 it was fully rehabilitated as the Hippodrome Casino. To keep delivering exceptional customer experience, the Hippodrome Casino relies on regular renovations and architectural improvements to expand and enhance its amenities.


Even though scaffolding is a vital element for all construction operations that involve heights, they also serve as an easy entry point for criminals that can steal, vandalize, or commit arson at the site.


For that reason, project owners and insurers are increasingly demanding that contractors implement scaffold alarm security systems for the protection of property. Bison Security Limited provides centralized and configurable alarm systems with sirens, and real-time alerts send to owners and security organs.


Project Highlights

  • The UK-based casino through PHD deployed the Bison Security scaffold security system to deter intruders
  • They implemented a battery-operated system for assured security regardless of power outage incidences
  • The solution features a GSM dialer that automatically alerts an NSI-approved alarm response centre
  • They attained round the clock monitored scaffold with cost savings on management and maintenance


Why Bison Security?


  • The scaffolding contractor needed a wireless battery-powered scaffold alarm system that could be rolled out en masse and be online and ready for use at an instant.


  • They needed an alarm system that alerts law enforcement and an NSI-approved security centre in case of an ongoing crime at the site.


  • They wanted these alerts to be synced with mobile phones of the contractor and site owner for real-time threat detection and a speedy response.


  • The project owners wanted weekly reports for all happenings around the job site with time and dates.


  • The client wanted a scaffold alarm London system with siren sounds and floodlights to complement real-time alerts and prevent intruders from escaping once detected.


While researching solutions, the scaffolding team came across Bison Security and requested a consultation for the customized scaffolding alarm system. After a detailed demonstration, the decision-makers over at PHD were eager to deploy the solution and leverage the vast capabilities for robust security.


The Deployment of Scaffold Alarm London


  • Alarm systems were installed at intuitive positions to provide comprehensive coverage with minimal interference for the construction operations.


  • The system entailed automatic set and reset capabilities, requiring minimum crewed operations.


  • The sensors could detect heat signatures for a range of up to 24 meters, helping to save security system installation costs.


  • The custom scaffold security system included a monitored GSM Dialer through NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre with emergency response.


  • The deployment of the scaffold alarm London took just a couple of hours.



The site manager on-site was able to use remote capabilities to monitor security at the Hippodrome refurbishment site.


  • They got real-time reports and user verification, all of which helped to manage the site security with ease.
  • Real-time alerts kept the PHD team notified at all times and improved response time for possible intrusions. There were zero false alarms.
  • We configured the solution to detect only legitimate intruders and not movements due to debris, weather or small animals.
  • Scaffolding company confirmed that the system was easier to use and proved to be cost-effective and scalable as compared to hard-wired alarm solutions.


The Bison Security custom scaffolding alarm system enabled PHD scaffolding to meet their project requirements in providing reliable protection for the casino’s expensive equipment and construction gear.

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