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Randalls Biometric Turnstile Uxbridge


To simplify things, most project managers usually resort to only allowing authorized people in and keeping unauthorized ones out through robust access control systems. Forget about the tiresome paper-based systems or visual card checks. Bison security’s modern and state of the art biometric turnstile London system allows users to identify and give access only to authorized personnel quickly. This helps ensure a secure and safe workplace for everybody.


Turnstiles and Access Control


At a fundamental level, a turnstile is a baffled gate used to control the movement of people. It is used to enforce a one-way pedestrian flow using cards, faces, or fingers. They only allow one individual to pass and restrict individuals at specific public points allowing people with authentic tickets, cards, or token to pass.


Modern and state-of-the-art turnstiles offer security and help users and project managers avoid unauthorized access while recording the details of everyone who goes through. What’s more, they can be deployed quickly and are cost-effective.


Case Study

We recently installed a site access control system designed to control access to a highly complicated development site in  Uxbridge. Blending electronic turnstiles and biometric readers, we made it safe and secure to access the site. Also, keeping in mind that workers usually have their hands full with materials and tools, we configured it to be hands-free for a particular group of workers, allowing sufficient and convenient access to any area on the construction site.


two fingerprint reader are mounted on half-height turnstile


Similarly, because of limited space and after analyzing the site thoroughly, we settled on half-height turnstiles across various entry points. We set up a security control room where we enrolled workers and designed access cards for temporary access for both workers and visitors.


We used CSCS smarts cards that allow flawless integration between the access control systems, contractor/ visitor management, roll call/evacuation systems, including biometric verification and Turnstiles. Only people with the cards can access the site, including car park barriers and turnstiles.


We installed everything successfully within 24 hours and secured the exit and entry points properly. We also provided some training to the in house security guards on the use of the system with a demonstration. A cloud Administration panel was set up, and hand gel sanitizers installed on each turnstile for safety.


But why half height turnstile?


Our modern half-height turnstiles are an excellent option for various construction site applications. Designed with stainless steel for durability, longevity, and maintenance-free performance, they incorporate the latest in modern styling and design for ease of use and optimum convenience.


They also include features like disabled access and are flexible enough to blend into most existing security systems. They come with a wide array of options, including push-button, intercom, keypad or card. Other features include manual/automatic drop arms in case of a power failure and directional indicators green/red.


Features & Benefits of Half Height Turnstile


  • Improved Security
  •  Access Control Integration
  • Transparent and stylish design
  • A simple combination of stainless steel
  • Quiet operation
  •    Operational Flexibility


Choosing the Right Turnstile for Your Needs


Depending on your specific needs, a different type of turnstile may be ideal. However before you settle on any size, consider these factors;


  • Is it for outdoor or indoor use?
  • The desired security level
  • Addition/aesthetic preferences


Why used approved biometric readers?


Project managers can enjoy unlimited advantages by deploying our biometric turnstile London access control systems. The economy is changing rapidly, and technological advances have transformed the way companies conduct business and operate. Modern companies, including construction companies, need to be flexible, agile, and adaptive to survive in today’s competitive environment. And that is where approved biometric readers come in handy!


Biometric technology can not only benefit companies in various sectors such as retail enterprises, manufacturing, healthcare, but also construction. Personnel identification and workforce management are accurate, efficient, and faster with biometric readers. Unlike passwords or magnetic cards, people always move with their fingerprints or faces every time, and they cannot be forgotten or stolen.


Also, monitoring employee attendance in construction sites minimizes fraudulent behaviour and counters employee time theft. A reliable system allows easy calculation of employee hours, reducing time spent on manual calculations and reduces paper wastage. Fingerprints also provide access to individual sections of a site or reasonable access to unique resources like company systems and computers.


As you can see, biometrics is the way to go now. Organizations and governments worldwide are going for biometric readers to counter security breaches, identity fraud, enhance the overall user experience, and secure critical data. Actually, biometrics is one of the fastest evolving fields in the IT industry with face and fingerprint sensors expected to be the main form of identification by 2025.


How do turnstile and software help to control and monitor access?


Half-height turnstiles with approved Biometric readers offer secure and speedy access to sites or offices that have several users and where the number of employee turnover is huge; it becomes a problem to issue fobs or cards. With biometric readers, every person’s face or fingerprint is scanned along with a unique PIN giving the site a reliable security level.


This avoids passing fobs or cards back via the turnstile for somebody else to use. Connected to the central access control system, every person can be signed in and out of site seamlessly, and parole or fire reports can be generated snappily. Workers can be added, deleted, or tracked as you deem fit, which is ideal for large building sites or large industrial companies where high-security levels are necessary.


Beyond Construction


Having the ability to automate identity-checking as well as workforce onboarding means half height turnstile plus a biometric reader has several other applications other than the construction industry. From manufacturing to retail and even the hospitality industry, they can help you save time and money while controlling access promptly.

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