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Winsor Bishop Scaffolding Alarm Norwich


Winsor Bishop is a household name in Britain’s jewellery retail sector. The jewellery shop that has a long history, going back to 1834, is based in Norwich, Norfolk. Through the years, the shop has taken on a contemporary vision, stocking up on the highly-priced and most sought after precious stones and watch brands. Some of their jewellery portfolios include luxury watches from Rolex to Tudor and Omega, precious stones, pearl, and high-end diamonds.


The Security Challenges at the Shop


Part of their updates and modernization in service and product was the creation of the Rolex Watch salon in 2019. The later is an exclusive luxury space in their Norwich shop, dedicated to the elite timepieces. The shop similarly has a Diamond Lounge that thrives with elegant diamond rings and collections.


jewellery shop secured by scaffold cctv alarm


The regular renovations at the Winsor Bishop shop in Norwich would elevate its risk for burglary through the scaffold systems and the roofs. The valuables in the store similarly needed reliable protection with a verifiable and remote managed alarm system. We were tasked with designing and deploying an insurance approved scaffolding security system customized to address these security pitfalls.


Jewellery Store Scaffolding Alarm Project Requirements


The critical security system requirements for the Winsor Bishop store included:


  •    A system that limits chances of break-ins and theft of valuables by the intruders using a remote monitoring system
  •   A system that guarantees that staff, owners or anyone that responds to the alarms is safe
  • A video verified alarm system with network monitoring to prevent scaffolding access
  •  A 24-7-365 monitored alarm with emergency response


Security Solution Chosen by Client


The client, Winsor Bishop, learned about us online. They contacted us, and after a meticulous tendering process, we were contracted to provide a CCTV alarm solution for the scaffolds around their shop. The jewellery shop security solution they chose entails a wireless video confirmed surveillance that makes it easier to see where intruders are during an incident. The video aspect also helps to verify whether a triggered alarm is an actual break-in or just a false activation.


Our customized scaffold security alarms for the Windsor Bishop jewellery retailer also included a vandal-proof remote keypad. Further, the monitored system has emergency response through an NSI approved alarm receiving centre and is BS EN 50131-1 certified.


That is to say that the video alarm system is NSI and NCP 115 code-compliant-its design, installation, and maintenance adequately addresses the security vulnerabilities around a scaffold system as advocated by law enforcement and insurer requirements.




Winsor Bishop was pleased with our speedy deployment of the monitored alarm system. They loved how fast we responded and elevated the shop’s security with the customized scaffolding alarm solution. The system was up and running at the shop during the roof repairs. We furnished it with a security protocol and set it up to route alarms to a 24/7 SIA response security guards. We have successfully stopped two intruders and were able to provide accurate reports to the police, backed by video clip footage.

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