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Church of St James, Staple, Kent Scaffold Alarms


The Church of St James building in Staple goes way back to the 14th century. Keeping it in good shape requires regular renovations and maintenance of its awe-inspiring architecture. This historic place of worship attracts not only worshippers but also tourists by their numbers.


The Church of St James architectural pieces, from ring bells to bronze, roofs, and other valuable items, would be a jackpot for burglars. So, we were tasked with enhancing the church’s scaffold alarm security and preventing unauthorized access via the scaffolding systems. The church needed a system with wireless video verification and by the minute monitoring and incident alerting.


Other project requirements


    • A system with minimal hardware installations for discretion and to blend in with the architecture
    • A video camera system with no monthly surveillance costs
    • An NSI Gold standard remote monitoring alarm system that works over mobile networks


The church’s Security Risks before Scaffold Alarms Deployment


Due to the exurban location of the church in the village of Staple, Kent, the institution needed a scaffolding protection system with remote monitoring capabilities. They needed the system to have video verification capabilities to know when not to respond to false alarms. The video verification system would also help to pinpoint the severity of a breach. It would show where the intruders are hiding on the large property for the safety of the persons responding to the alarm.


Church Scaffold Alarms Chosen after Consultation and Site Visit


While researching church scaffold and alarm systems, the team at the Church of St James came across Bison Security. They asked for an on-site consultation and demonstration on our customized church scaffold CCTV system. After verifying its user-friendliness, cutting-edge security features, and possibilities for cost cuttings, they were eager to deploy.


Our security solution for the church included CCTV cameras with wireless detectors and motion sensors. This church scaffold wireless CCTV system is powered by a battery that can last for up to two years, significantly reducing the cost of ownership. No cables running here and there, and the guaranteed uptime is 99 %.


The other key component for the Church of St James scaffold alarms included a monitored GSM dialer. This feature, along with emergency alerts through NSI approved stations, means that the alarm routes to the regions security organs for a speedy response and arrest of perpetrators before they get far. We deployed the system together with a wireless remote keypad for even better and convenient church security management.


Church Scaffolding Security Results


The client was pleased with the quick installation and how the church scaffold alarms discretely blended into the church environment. They can now maintain cost-effective 24-hour monitoring on the property with instantaneous alarm response. The church loved how we customized our existing church scaffold alarms solution to their specific security vulnerabilities. The team at the Church of St James conveyed that our responsiveness and client-centric approach made the deployment process more seamless.

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