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Burglary in Fulham is on the rise


Fulham is a bustling area in southwest London with Chelsea on the northern border. It’s a lovely neighbourhood thriving with shops, restaurants, bars, and boutiques. The area’s peaking residential property development has birthed complex security challenges, though. In the period between January and April 2020, the Metropolitan Police reported 22 burglary incidents in a total of 671 crimes in the area.


Burglars in areas like these area opportunists, looking for homes with no security alarms, or those with windows open. The rate of break-ins in London often peaks in the summer. At Bison Security, we have, in the past, worked with clients that survived robbery attempts in the area. Some of them were not so lucky; thieves vamoosed with all valuables when the owners were on vacation.


Burglar Alarm Fulham Installation


In all the cases we have seen, the homes either had no burglar alarm system in place or whatever was installed didn’t have the right capabilities. One homeowner, cognizant of the security situation in Fulham, recently approached us for a customized state-of-the-art home alarm security system. We proposed and were allowed to deploy an alarm system with full video verification and mobile capabilities. There have been zero successful break-ins at home, and the owner is glad that he can monitor the security of his home on the go.

Project overview: residential burglar alarm installers


The architect team approached Bison Security to submit a tender for a residential alarm installation for a new home in Fulham. The owner wanted an alarm system with video entry installations and mobile app capabilities for real-time monitoring of valuables and the safety of owners.


Customer requirements:


  • Burglar alarm and video door entry systems
  • Discrete ceiling white sensors
  • Mobile app for both systems
  • Mobile control capabilities like arming and disarming the system and viewing logs and events
  • A system with security notifications via the app
  • Lock release facility and local bell chime


burglar alarm sensor installed on the ceiling in london

Challenge and why our system


  • To combine all systems with working together on the app
  • To present a luxurious look, design, and position the alarm sensors for the best performance.
  • The whole system needed to be of minimalist design and blend in with the finish of the home.
  • A budget-sensitive and time-bound burglar alarm installation  project


Security Services Provided


We analyzed all types of sensors and proposed one with a discreet design and the best performance. We chose a smart alarm system with video door entry that the client could control via an app on the phone. Other remarkable features of the Bison Security burglar alarms included:


  • Alarm voice notification
  • Intercom two-way communication
  • One app to control alarm and door entry camera
  • Remote control
  •  Live and recorded footage


We furnished the architect team with the CAD designs of our system. We provided the security system quotes, alarm maintenance contract quote, and confirmed installation date.


Deployment and results


We picked up from the second phase installation, the first one having been handled by the electrician teams to take care of the wiring. We installed the alarm system plus a video door entry system and completed the project on the same day. After installation, we took the homeowner through the system and demonstrated fully how it works and how he can use the free app to track the security of the home.


Our alarm and video intercom systems have improved the security of his home despite location in a burglary-prone area of Fulham. The owner has full control of his home security in his hand. He can preview videos, whether away or on the property. He can record video to preview later, arm the alarm system, disarm it or verify who or what has triggered it.


In the event of a break-in, he will get a real-time alarm notification on the phone that he can forward to security organs. The 99% uptime video recording of the property makes it possible to provide police with evidence for the successful arrest of the criminals.

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