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Retina Recognition Turnstiles

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Retina recognition turnstiles have been a long time in the making. Using retina recognition turnstiles for access control is already making a huge difference in the world of modern security. These recognition turnstiles can be used in many lines of work and at the moment they are making a massive difference in the safe-guarding of construction sites.  Key features of the face recognition turnstile system are:


  • Pre Online Site Induction Software
  • Turnstile software for access control, H&S and T&A reporting
  • Optional thermal camera for a temperature check, preventing entry if high
  • Worker ID Checks Digitally
  • Simplifying Workforce Management Digitally
  • Providing Insights To Improve Productivity
  • Paperless Timesaving Software
  • Purchase or hire  facial turnstile systems
retina recognition turnstiles for access control
modern retina recognition turnstiles for construction security

The importance of using retina recognition turnstiles


The registration of who enters and exits a certain site has become increasingly important. This is why installing retina recognition turnstiles is becoming more and more popular. The modern retina recognition turnstiles are able to select who is and who isn’t allowed to gain access to a certain location. The turnstiles provide employees with easy and efficient access to the workplace while preventing fraud. This type of construction security installation can react quickly and clearly, making them essential to any construction site. There are many ways to implement access control in construction zones. Scaffold alarms, remote CCTV monitoring, and time lapse cameras are all very good and well but when it comes to immediate responses retina recognition turnstiles are what you could be looking for.

How Do Facial Recognition Turnstiles Work?

retina recognition double half height turnstiles for temperature check

The technology behind retina recognition is changing the world when it comes to security measures. Retina recognition is a technique that uses unique patterns on a person’s retina for person identification. It scans the unique pattern of the blood vessels in a person’s retina and can immediately tell if this person is permitted to come on site or not. But, there are also other ways a retina recognition turnstile makes sure that only the correct people are permitted entry:

  • There are multiple authentication modes are available. Because of this, you can choose what exactly needs to be scanned. A retina recognition turnstile can scan retinas and facial traits, measure temperature and check the card that is presented.
  • Do your workers need to wear a face mask? As an optional function, most retina recognition turnstiles can prompt a voice reminder to put a facemask on.
  • The turnstiles don’t only scan the faces of people going into a construction zone, they also scan the faces of people leaving the construction zone. This way you can know exactly what time people entered and exited the construction zone.
  • When entering through the retina recognition turnstiles a voice prompt will be triggered if anything goes amiss.

The information a retina recognition turnstiles gather

Site access control systems like retina recognition turnstiles aren’t only extremely reliable and cost-effective. They also make accessing data about the employees on a worksite extremely easy. Retina recognition turnstiles have the capacity to recognize 50,000 faces and 500,000 cards. They can control access and save information of all of the retinas that are scanned and the accompanying temperature that has been measured. The retina recognition turnstiles are fully customisable solutions that will meet every construction sites security needs.


Alternative construction site safety measures

Retina recognition turnstiles are a great addition to the security measures at your construction site. They are the basis of what you need when it comes to security measures. There are many different ways to make your construction site a safer place. Have you thought of implementing other important safety systems like scaffold alarms, remote CCTV monitoring and time lapse cameras?

  • Scaffold alarms are flexible and versatile. Installing them is easy to do and they don’t get in the way of the wiring already installed on site. These handy alarms use mobile telephone networks to communicate.
  • Do you want to monitor your building site from afar? Then you need to install remote CCTV cameras. These cameras come with full-time, 24/7 security. So you can be sure that your building site is always protected. If the system is triggered the camera view instantly goes live in the control room.
  • Time lapse cameras allow you to keep historical documentation of your entire project. The cameras are installed at the beginning of the project and the settings can be adjusted to match the stages of your project.

Finding the right safety measure for your construction site can be a hassle. We giving you complete and concrete information on the best services for your project!

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