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Secure your building with the most effective scaffold alarm system

As you walk down the streets of London or any of the counties, you will find plenty of scaffolding structures. While these structures help construction workers and renovators, they also give easy access to the thieves and intruders. The best way to mitigate the risks of an unwanted intrusion is by the installation of the latest scaffolding alarms. Since it involves experience and expertise, it is always better to allow the experts to handle it. If you are in search of the scaffold alarms London, then you have just landed on the best page.


From builders and construction companies to roofing companies and homeowners, scaffolding is an advantageous structure. But unprotected structures give way to burglars and intruders to enter your home or office. With the best alarm systems in place, you can always be at peace. Any unwanted intrusion will be detected immediately, and the burglars will be stopped.

Scaffolding alarm fitted on the property next to public street
Scaffold structure along the street of London

Understand the importance of scaffold alarms London


  • Deter Unwanted Intrusions –  Scaffolding alarms prevent any intrusion of unwanted entry. Any cases of forced entry will trigger the signal, and law enforcement agencies will be there in no time. Moreover, these alarms provide visual warnings, discouraging burglars, and thieves from attempting entry.
  • Hi-Tech – Many old alarm systems and PIR detectors raise false alarms triggered by animals or weather conditions. The latest state-of-the-art alarms will ensure that it can identify any intrusion accurately and report it immediately.
  • Cost-Effective  – We can redeploy these scaffolding alarms from first boarded elevation to another. These are a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for the security of any scaffolding structure.
  • Weather Protection –  These alarms are weatherproof and will work under any weather conditions. They are ideally suited to withstand the London climate. You can remain at peace all year long.
  • 24/7 Protection – The unwanted intrusions generally happens beyond working hours. Thus, you need a 24/7 system security system. Scaffolding alarms provide you with efficient security measures all day long.

We expertise in installation the best alarms to protect your scaffolding structures

Church roof is protected by monitored scaffold alarm in London

Your safety is our priority

We extend our services to

  • Property Owners
  • Builders
  • Construction and Roofing Companies
  • Private Homeowners
  • Architects and Insurance Agents

We want to remind you that you need to inform your insurance company in case you erect a scaffolding structure. Your claims or coverage might get affected if you do not have proper security systems in place for the scaffoldings. If you think that investing in these alarms will go down as sunk cost, we advise you to hire them. Bison Security Offers the best scaffold alarm hire London services.

Five reasons to win your confidence

Latest Technology

All our alarm systems pass through rigorous tests and have received official accreditations. We use best-infrared sensors, siren systems, and alert notifications. The latest infrared sensors prevent any false alarms due to falling leaves, animal movements, or rain and snow. If there is any need for a repair or replacement, we do it promptly, at the shortest notice. Finally, our alarms trigger immediate notifications giving enough time for response management. These security solutions will provide you with the most effective protection against all forms of external threats.


Comprehensive Solution

We provide a complete security solution to your scaffolding. The wide range of alarm systems, wireless response management, mobile notifications, and CCTV surveillance services ensure that your property is always protected by cutting edge technology. We also continuously monitor the performance and install every alarm most professionally. We are a complete one-stop solution for all your scaffold alarms London needs.


Certified Company

Not only our alarms are certified and accredited, but also our security agents and specialists. We follow all the standards and procedures while installing alarm systems. You can always reach out to us to verify our credibility or take testimonials from our past clients to increase your trust meter.


24/7 Protection

We provide 24by7 coverage. Get in touch with us for a site inspection today. Our specialists will suggest the best scaffolding alarms for you. Then you can decide whether you want to purchase them or hire them. We will install the systems and continuously monitor them for any maintenance issues.


Nation-wide Coverage

Be it London, Kensington, or Surrey, and we have always got your back. Our experts will travel to your location and explain all the details of the alarm systems. The nation-wide coverage has helped us to reach out to many builders, homeowners, architects, and industry owners.

What are you waiting for? Call the experienced security partner for a complete scaffolding alarms service in London!

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Temporary CCTV camera installed on the post

Barham Temporary CCTV Hire

Temporary CCTV rental system after two breakings and vandalism on-site at Barnham lodge development. They asked for the CCTVs to be checked with the police present, just if they confirmed an intruder was on the site.

temporary fire points installed on the movable trolley

Temporary Evacuation Fire Points London

Designed and installed of temporary evacuation fire points that elevate safety and compliance during the construction process.

scaffolding alarm quotation for jewellery shop in Norwich

Jewellers Scaffolding Alarm Norwich

A video confirmed scaffolding alarm that makes it easier to see where intruders are during an incident.

Site security solution provided to the empty building in london

Fox Lane Vacant Site Security London

The main contractor contacted us to provide vacant site security. We installed a void CCTV alarm on the empty property for full coverage to stop squatters.

Church Scaffold Security Solution Chosen after Consultation and Site Visit

Staple Church Scaffold Alarms Kent

We were tasked with enhancing the church's scaffold alarm security and preventing unauthorized access via the scaffolding systems. Remote monitoring and incident alerting system.

two fingerprint reader are mounted on half-height turnstile

Randalls Biometric Half Height Turnstile Uxbridge

We installed the biometric half-height turnstiles designed to control access across various entry points on the construction site at Randalls development.

Quick Scaffold Alarm fitted at Hippodrome Casino London

Hippodrome Casino Scaffold Alarm London

The custom scaffold security system included a monitored GSM Dialer through NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre with emergency response.

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