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Needing scaffold alarms for the safety and security of your scaffolding structure

Why would you be needing scaffold alarms for the safety and security of your scaffolding structure?

Scaffolding which is also known as staging is a temporary or moveable structure which is used as a support by the crew at the construction site for maintenance, repair, and construction. It is mainly an erection, which is made up of two things, the metal pole and the planks which later are joined together with a coupler and other security tools. These scaffolding poles are made from either steel or wood, whose framework is built using a metal and the platform which is used as a stand is generally of wood.

You might find some scaffolding structures fixed, while some moving as they allow you to move them as of your need and requirements. Hence, they are considered the most flexible and easy to move. Many building companies use a scaffold which has a suspended structure. These kinds of the scaffold are used where there is a work at greater heights of the building. The work can be either repairing or maintenance such as washing of an external part of the building.

The wooden platform of the scaffolding is used for standing which can be lifted up and down the structure and is mainly used at construction sites these days. But before you erect the scaffolding structure it is necessary for you to first check out the safety of the structure, as if you fall it might affect you both financially as well as physically.

You even need to take proper measures for securing your scaffolding structure as if not fitted properly and without suitable security systems such as a scaffold alarm or site CCTV; the building might be at the risk of thefts and trespassers. The unsecured scaffolding might harm your interior part of the building as well as the thieves would be able to enter in from the upper windows and other channels.

Now the next thing what you need to do is to think about all the possible ways for the safety of your scaffolding to reduce even the slightest risk evolve. Firstly, always placed your scaffolding on a flat platform as even the platform can give your scaffolding some amount of firmness. Ensure that the platform is stable and in a straight line, as uneven floors or surface can increase the rate of risk or accidents at a greater height. Secondly, get security devices installed like scaffold alarms.

In order to protect your construction site from thefts, trespassers, and other crimes, it is suggested by many security experts that large and huge scaffolding structure must always be fitted in with a proper security system. It is better in spending extra money for security than suffering a loss in a robbery because if you suffer at robbery, who would be blamed? Whose fault will it be? Who will be at fault? The scaffolding company, the building? If not, then who else?

But if you invest in the right security measure at the right time, your scaffolding will be a free risk. You would know that you have done your part to protect your scaffolding structure from all possible harm and thefts, and God forbids if, by any chance, there happens to be a robbery no fingers will be pointed at you.

Let’s have a look at why scaffold alarms vital for the safety and security of your scaffolding structure:

Scaffolding alarms are becoming a necessity and are getting greater popularity as these alarms provide 24/7 eye on the entry of burglars into the building and construction site. It gives a satisfaction and peace of mind to the owners of the building by keeping an eye on the trespassers, vandals, and thieves.

As a theft of equipment and material can be of greater loss both to the owner and the person to whom it might belong. Such thefts can even cause big delays on expensive projects and hence it’s worth spending some money for security purpose rather than getting robbed in the end. It is necessary to ensure that your site is safe and harm-free from all kinds of risk and damages.

With scaffolding alarms, you can protect your scaffolding structure from all risk and damages as the alarms are built up with the pre-in fitted range of photoelectric twin or infra red quad beam sensors with 118db external bell box sounder, lights and CCTV cameras which deter, detects and records all the burglars and their activities.

Scaffold alarms are used for the following reasons:

  1. Security:

Since scaffolds can give trespassers the access to upstairs and roofs, therefore, scaffolding alarms are used as they prevent any outsiders from getting in.

  1. Safety of the building and for your own health:

Children nearby can injure themselves from the huge scaffolds and hence a loud alarm is a must to scare them which might keep them away from these scaffolding.

  1. Insurance:

If there’s a big project, insurance becomes a necessity. The insurance company will probably see that there are possible measures to minimise the risk of theft and damage.

  1. Lower the risk of being robbed:

With proper and continuous watch you can keep an eye on your site and if there is any unusual activity you can immediately report to police and higher authority.

  1. Other features:
  • The scaffold alarms have a remote LCD user friendly key pad fitted.
  • The scaffold alarms comes with a multi zoned system to show exactly which detector has been triggered.
  • The scaffold alarms are monitored via Vodafone dual com’s 24/7/365 by our alarm receiving centre.
  • The scaffold alarms are installed with large warning signs which serve as a great deterrent.

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