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Delivery Management Remotely

Bison’s Delivery Management system is an easy to use online system and is therefore accessible from any site, head office or smartphone for both suppliers and site managers to book, manage and speed up site deliveries. Alerts can be automatically set up informing management of any changes to delivery details.

You can:

  • Reserve specific delivery slots
  • Specify their delivery location
  • Specify any special unloading equipment required
  • Check and sign off deliveries
  • Enter journey information if required

Key Features

No Congestion

Congestion caused by site traffic is a common problem in construction projects. Using Bison’s web-based system an off-site area can be managed where deliveries are booked in and then released in sequence exactly when required, thereby reducing local congestion.

Record Site Activities

All arrivals and deliveries are logged on the system. The logs provides an irrefutable record of activities and can help settle disputes regarding waiting time or late delivery claims. Additionally, you can upload gate images, site plans and other information which is automatically sent to supplier on booking being accepted.

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