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Construction Sites 4G Solutions

Construction sites 4G solutions can enable construction organisations to instantly set up reliable networks that can power all of their site requirements where BT ADSL or other Internet provision is not available and can also be used as backup for fixed lines for mission critical applications. Temporary building sites require fast, secure and flexible connectivity from the very start of every project.

We can also supply mobile 4G routers in remote locations where there are no means of installing a broadband line or to do so would be costly as the site may only be temporary. By installing our own mobile internet we can transmit our cameras back via the data network, this is particularly useful for remote monitored CCTV systems on construction sites or projects in rural areas.

3G/4G features for Construction Site Building:

Rapid Connectivity For Temporary Sites

Remote Access To Central Systems

Marketing Suite Guest WiFi

Failover/Primary On-Site Connectivity

CCTV Monitoring And Management


WiFi Access Point Bridge

Wireless Point to Point connections are the perfect alternative for providing data, voice and video between two separate  buildings to cover the sight for internet access.

We can provide CCTV camera system and access control to buildings miles apart keeping it all on the same local area network using our WiFi mesh solution. This eliminates the need and cost of installing a BT internet connection into multiple buildings or construction site.