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How can you protect your staff by using electronic site CCTV security systems?

If you’re run a building site, it is mandatory for you to employ security staff for the protection of your site. Security staff are personnel who protect your site from all kinds of hazards, thefts, and attacks. The building sites may be considered more at risk during holiday time or at night. This happens because thieves try to break into the site usually when there is no one present on-site and when no work is being carried out.

Security guards are a standard option to use for site security to protect from all kinds of crimes, as it acts as a deterrent to the would-be thieves who have an eye on a particular construction site. Using security guards is considered a reliable method of improving construction site security, but recent research revealed that employers have doubts as to whether to use this method of securing premises and construction sites as a significant increase in crime has been shown when using such security workers.

The above mentioned research is based upon a recent incident which took place in London, where a security guard was attacked at a large retail outlet by a gang who had covered their faces outside the retail store, they had waited at the location while a cash transfer took place inside. It seemed very clear that the gang had advanced knowledge and information regarding the movements of security staff and what they were doing and had a pre-planned idea to rob the retailer of a large sum of cash that they knew was being held on the premises.

The security guards present tried to apprehend the gang but failed in their attempts to do so as a result the gang escaped in a getaway car. This is definitely disheartening story of what can happen when criminals have inside knowledge, especially as no employer wants their staff to be at risk of injury in the line of duty from criminal gangs.

The moral of the story is that if you don’t want this to happen to your business and to help reduce the chance of putting  your employees at  risk of assault and violence, then it is time for you to go with a more advanced technology system for improving constructive site security. We offer an all-new robust security service which monitors, controls and examines all that is happening on-site in order to protect the staff and in turn lessen the chances  of theft and violence from occurring.

The security systems we have at our disposal include  equipment such as CCTV cameras and scaffold alarms, and with these properly implemented  the owner of the building or construction site can relax and feel protected in knowing that their property is protected 24/7. Also the security services that are utilised and their devices that we install can protect the employees and reduce any harm befalling on them while they are working on-site e.g. from violence or criminal activity.

Let’s have a brief overview of the on-site CCTV security systems, fire and scaffold alarms:

  1. Site CCTV security:
  • Records each and everything that happens on-site 24/7.
  • Can be viewed live on-site or at  later date e.g. in  court as evidence,
  • It is supervised by a controller who can call and request  police intervention if they believe there is some suspicious activities occuring.
  • A sound detector fitted to alert of any intruders or any unusual occurrence.
  1. Site fire alarms
  • Wireless, therefore no unsightly cables needed to be installed.
  • Reduced installation time
  • Can be easily fitted anywhere and be re-located in case of layout changes on-site.
  • Includes heat and smoke detectors which will identify any instance of fire occurring and in turn send of an alarm warning.
  1. Scaffold alarms
  • These alarms use advanced radio technology in order to communicate between wireless sensors and keypads.
  • The security system that is installed gets linked to these alarms and is rallied through a GSM network which is monitored 24/7.
  • These alarms are wireless and battery operated i.e. free from telephone lines that would need to be installed first, so great for remote locations too.
  • Pre-installed wireless video confirmed alarms.
  • Can be connected directly via a text message or a phone call.

Should you require any further information about our site security systems such as scaffold alarms, fire alarms, CCTV site security etc, then please contact us here or call us on   0207 112 8767.

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