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When it comes to securing entry and exit points of construction sites, most project managers want a system that is efficient, versatile and blends well into the existing architecture. And Non-contact Face Recognition, Access Control turnstiles, offer the best option. Unlike the long-established mechanical turnstiles, facial recognition systems, primarily use in-fared light beams to scan faces.


It is because of this that they have recently become commonplace in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, corporate offices, and even construction sites. They are ideal for people who are looking for a smooth entrance control solution that gives access to authorized personnel without them having to touch or press anything.


It does its job well (providing the physical security provided by traditional turnstiles) while still helping to counter some of the cons of ‘contact’ biometric verification systems. This is particularly important in this trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In addition, some of our versions do not physically prevent an individual from accessing a facility unless the gate is closed; instead, they use flashing lights and alarms to alert the security of illegal entry.


Also, their digital architecture means they are flexible and can be integrated into most access control systems.


Success Story

Non-contact Face Recognition Access Control at 45 Millharbour Site  


The Challenge


The system was supposed to:


  • Control site access; ensure only authorized workers are on site
  • Check if qualified professionals with valid CSCS cards have access the construction site( should block access if it is expired)
  •  Monitor people who are on-site in real-time
  • Provide a printable instant site fire roll report in case of an emergency




They required a comprehensive security package to secure access for authorized personnel.


non-contact face recognition reader installed on the wall next to the site entrance


The main contractor approached us for a face recognition system. We provided facial biometrics with the fastest response of face recognition reader that not only controls access to the site but also provides time and attendance records for sub-contractors and workforce.


Non-Contact Access Control System Provided


  • Comprehensive training on how to use the non-contact face recognition readers at the entry and exit points.


  • Free technical support over the phone or logging in remotely to the laptop


Why did the customer choose this solution?


  • It is fast (less 0.5 seconds)
  • Authentic entries
  •  Smart site entrance
  • Non-contact features mainly because of Coronavirus


Why did we offer cloud-based access control software?


  • The space was limited
  •  To make it possible for the managers to generate reports quickly at any time ( even after work when the site is closed)
  •  Minimize the risk of COVID-19 by reducing trips to the site physically


Other Benefits of our face recognition turnstiles


Smooth entry/Low user interaction


Chances of bottlenecks developing mainly in the morning when many people are coming in are very high with fingerprint scanners and other types of contact access control systems. This is where face recognition readers come in handy. There is no inconvenience, and there is minimal user interaction.


No worrying about natural light variation


For any recognition system to work with reliability, accuracy, and speed, it needs to be able to identify people 24/7. It doesn’t matter whether there is enough light or it is dark. To counter this, our system uses specialized infra-red sensors giving it a zero false accept/ reject rate.


Quickly identify failed unauthorized entries


Another advantage of this system over other types of verification systems is that it can speedily identify and locate any unauthorized person trying to access the facility. For instance, if the individual is using any other form of verification such as an expired or authorized card or code; it will famish you with 2 essential things;


  •  Details of the card as the denied access will be flagged
  • The person who tried to use the credentials. His or her image will be captured and stored.


Secure area monitoring


This feature works by identifying people within a certain area. It reads faces and matches them against an existing database, which can include; visitors, contractors, and staff. Any person that is not matched will be identified as a potential threat or risk.


It is not affected by dust.


Facial recognition in most construction companies is also used in the management of attendance and time, making it the basis for paying hundreds of workers. As such, using palm or fingerprint readers in this type of environment where most workers use their hands can be unreliable. Facial recognition cuts it; however; it allows reliable and fast entry to authorized people.


Supports advanced customization


Whether it is the reception area or an entry/exit point, facial recognition turnstiles can be customized to serve various purposes in high traffic environments. For instance, the trolley detection feature allows it to differentiate between turnstile a tailgater, and luggage. Also, if a site is expecting a large delivery of materials, it is possible to temporarily deactivate other features, allowing packages to pass through flawlessly.


If you are looking for a solution that will give you top-notch access control to your site while allowing efficient movement of people, face recognition turnstiles are your best bet. They are aesthetically pleasing and support a wide array of security systems with advanced modification features for sites with different needs.

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